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Austin, Texas Local Foraging Guide | Foraging & CBD

Evolving from a means of survival to a hobby and even a profession nowadays, foraging has been around for centuries and is making a comeback! Coincidentally, Austin is swarmed with foraging spots from end to end – and each spot is full of surprises! Foragers, whether you’re new or already experienced, this one is for you. Here’s a short local foraging guide around Austin – and how to combine foraging & CBD to make your quest even better! 

Foraging – A Way of Connecting with Nature

Ask any forager out there, and you’ll probably get a universal reply: foraging is a way of connecting with nature and discovering the secrets it has. Here at Grassroots Harvest, we believe that respecting what nature has to offer is a large part of respecting ourselves. Foraging extends outside the recreational realm and, for many, is a lifestyle that has opened their eyes. If you dig, you’ll find that nature has a solution – all you need to know is where to look. That, friends, is an art that foragers around the world have mastered – but a local foraging guide wouldn’t hurt, either! 

Foraging Do’s and Dont’s 

Although we’d all love it if we could just walk around and pick up fruits and herbs, there are a few rules to follow when you’re foraging. Like we mentioned above, local foraging isn’t just looking for plants and picking them up whenever and wherever you feel like it. You need to respect nature, yourself, other fellow foragers- and probably some laws that come with it, too. 

Though it might sound silly, Texas does have a strict law regarding foraging. Foraging from private property without the owner’s permission is strictly forbidden and may result in some penalties (and perhaps some land owners running after you with a gun, but we trust in you to do your best to avoid that). 

Another point is that no matter how much you love foraging, someone else might love it just as you. If you collect far more than is ethically reasonable, you leave nothing for the following foragers, making their trip disappointing. 

And, if you ever come across something that is present in nature in abundance, but you can’t identify it – do not eat it! Foraging is not a simple thing to master; it takes years of practice and education to be able to identify what is edible, what isn’t, and what might cause shock or even death if consumed.

However, there are a few fruits and herbs that you can easily find around Austin. Let’s take a look at them.


Sitting peacefully near river valleys, the pecan trees are everywhere around Austin. Pecans are especially abundant in the spring, somewhere around the end of April and the beginning of May! Found particularly around Central Austin, Travis Heights, Medical District, and around Waller Creek, pecans make a great discovery for foragers! 


Do we need to list locations for this one? Although it’s native to the Mediterranean region, rosemary is everywhere in Austin, too. Its enlivening aroma and beautiful appearance are hard to miss! All you need to do is grab some scissors or a pocketknife and take a walk outside, and you’ll find small & large rosemary bushes easily!


Hackberries are another type of plant with edible berries that may be around Austin if you look hard enough! What foraging sources tell us is that they are typically very present around Brentwood Neighbourhood Park, so next time you’re out there, look for one of these fruit-bearing trees with highly nutritional berries.

Mexican Plums

Also present around Brentwood Neighborhood Park, mexican plums grow on beautiful, fragrant trees and are truly hard to miss. They are highly desired by animals – be sure to get there quick!


Pomegranates in Austin are kind of a rare find, but if you do come across a pomegranate tree, check if it’s on public land and pick up some fruits! They’re full of various nutrients, one of them being vitamin C – plus, they make a great addition to various dishes and drinks! In Austin, look for pomegranate trees around Perry Neighborhood Park, as well as around Hancock Dr Street. 


Mulberries are everywhere in Austin, but can be mostly found near San Jacinto Boulevard and Trinity Garage, too. They are super-delicious & nutritious as well, and they can be used in plenty of recipes. The joy and excitement of finding a mulberry tree around Texas is better than anything else! 

CBD and Foraging 

cbd infused drink with local foraging finds

Nature has gifted lots of valuable treasures to us in the form of plants, the hemp plant is no exception! And while foraging is certainly amazing on its own, utilizing your findings really makes your trip worthwhile! 

Combining everything you’ve collected with local foraging + some CBD can make every recipe seem a hundred times better! CBD makes a great addition to all the drinks and teas you want to prepare and gives a special touch to pies and other dishes. Overall, it’s just extraordinary when combined with goodies collected from nature’s bounty!

  • Brew some rosemary tea infused with Soothe CBD Honey and prepare to simmer down after a long day of foraging;
  • Make pecan cookies with pecans you’ve collected and add Inspire CBD Honey
  • Make some hackberry milk and mix in a few drops of CBD Oil;
  • Try out a BBQ sauce using pomegranates and some good old CBD oil;
  • Bake a mulberry pie better than your grandma’s with our Strawberry CBD Spray!
  • Make a jam out of mexican plums or mulberries using a special addition – our latest Austin Chronic CBD Oil!

We hope you get out there & safely explore all that this city has to offer! There’s much to be found, as long as you know where to look (and what to look for)!


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