Austin Chronic CBD Oil- Watermelon Gelato (750mg/30ml)


The Austin Chronicle is proud to present Austin Chronic CBD Oil with a sumptuous Watermelon flavor and Gelato terpenes, perfect for that summertime chill. Made with organic hemp-extracted Full Spectrum CBD from Grassroots Harvest, this CBD oil comes in a locking pump bottle designed to dispense 5mg of CBD per pump. That makes it easier than ever to get the perfect dose every time, no matter how much you need!

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Learn more About Austin Chronic CBD Oil (750mg/30ml) 

We are thrilled to be teaming up with The Austin Chronicle to collaborate on their first ever CBD & Delta 8 THC products! We’ve been longtime fans of the Austin Chronicle, their ethos, and the support they’ve given to cannabis legalization over the years. This line of products aims to bring you the best of Austin’s up-and-coming cannabis scene.


Choose the best dose for you (you might want to consult your physician):

  • 5mg – Low dose
  • 10mg – Medium dose
  • 15mg+ – High dose

Check out Austin Chronic CBD Oil flavor profile: Sweet & juicy Watermelon flavor complemented by the floral, fruity notes of Gelato terpenes. A delicious & refreshing summer flavor that’s got us singin’ about our Watermelon ‘Gelato’ high!


The product name is Austin Chronic CBD Oil, and it contains the following ingredients: MCT Oil, Full Spectrum CBD, Organic Natural Flavors, Organic Terpenes, Stevia, Sunflower Oil


You can apply this CBD oil orally. Shake well before use, and spray 1 to 3 pumps in your mouth at a time; remember that there are 5mg of product per pump.


The product might be beneficial for discomfort/inflammation relief, anti-anxiety, cardiovascular health promotion, nausea relief, stress reduction, and more.


CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, which is the major non-psychoactive cannabinoid derived from the hemp plant. CBD has many holistic benefits that have been reported in a variety of clinical studies and continues to amaze as we discover more.

Active Ingredient: Hemp Oil Extract (CBD Oil).


This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, prevent, cure, or treat any diseases.

Please consult a physician before using this product.


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