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Best Herbs For Immune Support- Top Immune System Boosting Picks

Best Herbs for Immune Support

If you’re trying to stay above flu / cold season or just trying to remain healthy, it’s important to keep your immune system in top shape. The immune system is responsible for preventing and staving off infections. With a stronger immune system, the higher the chance of warding off illnesses. Let’s go into the best herbs for immune support that we know of!

Herbs have always been a part of human tradition. They’ve been used for a wide variety of options including cooking, being used as a supplement etc. Herbs play a very important role in illness prevention. That’s alongside other steps like ensuring the right vitamins are part of your diet, getting a healthy amount of sleep, and regular exercise. 

But what are the right herbs and how can they hemp your immune system?

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  1. Echinacea

Echinacea is one of those herbs that has a lot of uses. According to reports, it possesses properties that makes it a great way to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. This herb may also possess antioxidant and antiviral effects. We think that makes it a must have for your herb collection. 

In 2006, a systematic review published within the Cochrane Library indicated that by using echinacea after experiencing cold symptoms could reduce the duration of the illness and the severity of the cold. Furthermore, in 2020 a systematic review published in Advances in Integrative Medicine showed echinacea could be beneficial for acute respiratory infections. The findings were if the herb ingestion was at the beginning of symptoms. This is because it can decrease the levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines that are linked with inflammatory and respiratory infections. 

Echinacea is available as a tincture or put in some tea. 

  1. Garlic

Yet another powerful herb known for its antimicrobial qualities! Garlic seems to have antiviral, antiprotozoal and antibacterial benefits meaning it can help in the fight against parasites. Because of these, you can often find garlic in the war against respiratory and chest infections. 

Garlic also contains allicin which some think is the reason for its antibacterial nature. According to a review published in 2014 within the Avicenna Journal of Phytomedicine, this compound makes it possible for garlic to assist in the fight against bacteria which includes salmonella and E.coli. both of these are responsible for food poisoning. 

On top of this, garlic is also ideal in strengthening the digestive system. That makes it ideal to aid any issues in the gut. According to this review published within the Avicenna Journal of Phytomedicine, garlic was used to treat giardiasis – an infection brought on by the presence of a parasite. The patient’s symptoms find resolution after 24 hours following the introduction of garlic. 

Also, garlic has also been discovered to help fight the common cold thanks to its antiviral properties. According to a 2014 review published in Cochrane Library, a study gave participants either garlic supplements with 180 mg of allicin daily over the course of 12 weeks or a placebo. And the scientists discovered that those who received garlic were less likely to get a cold. If they did get sick, they ended up being sick for less days than their counterparts placed within the placebo group.

  1. Ginseng

Ginseng has been a staple within numerous Asian countries and for good reason. A study reveals that the herb is responsible for strengthening the hypothalamic, pituitary and adrenal axis of the body which is responsible for regulating the body’s immune system’s response to stress. 

Stress might potentially make the immune system weaker, which is what makes ginseng so vital. By maintaining a strong HPA axis with ginseng, you reduce the effect stress has on the body. 

Ginseng can also help with maintaining a balanced immune system. it does this by regulating the presence of various immune cell types including T cells, natural killer cells, macrophages and B cells. These identify threats to the body and fight them off if necessary. 

Best Herbs for Immune Support: Conclusion

There you have it. Our top three herbs useful in maintaining a top-notch immune system. However, it is important to note that for all the useful benefits herbs provide, it is important to not substitute them for conventional medicine or prescribed drugs by a doctor. Always consult with your doctor before using any herbs.

We hope this blog helps you understand what are the best herbs for immune support. Have any questions? Sound off in the comments below! We are not medical professionals and this is not medical advice, for more information ask a physician.

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