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At Grassroots Harvest, we trust in Mother Nature. That’s why we make our CBD oil just the way we think she’d want it-Pure & Simple.

Our priority is bringing you the best of Nature’s Bounty, harvested sustainably and crafted in small batches in Austin, TX. That way, we can ensure the highest quality from start to finish. We start with 100% organic hemp and add as few ingredients as possible to our products, in order to bring you CBD the way Nature intended-She knows what She’s doing, after all.

CBD oil


Kemal Whyte was born in Jamaica and immigrated to the U.S. when he was 11 years old. Kemal learned an appreciation for natural health & wellness solutions in Jamaica, and it’s stayed with him his whole life. When his friend and our future CFO, Gavian, told him that CBD oil was the only thing helping his back pain, Kemal knew it was worth paying attention to- and Grassroots Harvest began to take shape. 

Kemal set out to found a CBD company with something for everyone, no matter what their needs or budget may be. We’ve grown quite a bit since Kemal dreamt up GRH in a one-bedroom apartment, but our mission has always stayed the same: bringing high-quality CBD products made the way Mother Nature intended to as many people as possible.

Kemal Whyte(CEO-grh)


Our CFO, Gavian, has always been an active guy- sitting still doesn’t really come naturally to him. But for years, chronic back pain after an injury slowed him down. 

When a friend offered to let him try their CBD oil for his back pain, Gavian knew he’d found something special. He’d been in the search of natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals, and that CBD was first thing he’d tried to truly bring relief. 

But, there was a catch- the CBD oil was extremely expensive. So expensive, in fact, that Gavian couldn’t afford to keep taking it long-term. He took his newfound information to Kemal, and that’s how Grassroots Harvest was born. Two guys realized a lot of people could benefit from using CBD. However only a small number of people had the means to buy it. 

They set out to change that and released a line CBD products that were priced as low as possible- without sacrificing quality.

Grassroots Harvest, Established 2017

Empowered Creations LLC, Established 2013

grh-CFO, Gavian


meet the team-grh





Kemal Whyte is the founder and CEO of Grassroots Harvest. Kemal has always had the entrepreneurial itch, so he brought together his love of invention and his passion for holistic wellness to open GRH. Kemal is Jamaican, and though he immigrated to the U.S. at 11 years old. He’s never lost the appreciation for natural healing & wellness that he learned in Jamaica. That appreciation is what drove him to start a CBD company- but not just any CBD company. The idea behind Grassroots Harvest was to create a line of high-quality CBD oil products at a low price point. Kemal believes natural wellness should be easily available to as many people as possible.

Kemal balances the demands of running a business by spending quality time with his family. He spend quality time with two young boys that keep him active and an incredible wife that keeps him sane!

kemal whyte talks about dshs lawsuit and delta 8 thc ban in texas



Gavian Barajas is the CFO of Grassroots Harvest. Gavian brings years of accounting and business management experience to our team, and his expertise keeps us on-trend and on-track through it all. If Kemal’s creative energy is the chaotic Yang in our company, Gavian’s focus and practicality is the Yin- the centered and orderly half that brings balance to our team. For every crazy idea we have, Gavian has the know-how to turn it into reality.

Away from GRH, Gavian spends his time hanging out with his family & grilling up delicious meals .(occasionally he’ll bring some to share at work, we’re big fans!).

PATRICK Director of Sales(cbd oil-grh


Director of Sales


Patrick is the Director of our sales team and handles the majority of our wholesale sales accounts. We love having Patrick on our team because of his attention to detail and dedication to providing the best experience possible to his customers. If there’s a problem, Patrick goes the extra mile to resolve it, every time.

When Patrick’s not helping customers at work, he’s all about being active! . He’s a member of a basketball team, loves camping, and is always down to grab drinks with friends.

Crystal H Operations Manager(cbd oil-grh)

Crystal H.

Operations Manager

Crystal H. joined our team as the operations manager, and we’re so happy she’s on our team. Crystal worked in the pharmacy industry for over a decade, and has brought her knowledge from that realm and put it to good use in our CBD lab and beyond. However  she implementing strategies and techniques that have helped us immensely as we grow. We strive to stay on the cutting edge of the CBD industry, and Crystal’s know-how lets us do just that.

When Crystal isn’t overseeing operations at Grassroots Harvest. Moreover she can usually be found at her gorgeous home playing with her husband and son, or whipping up a delicious dinner from scratch.

Cbd Oil-(Jasmin Director of Marketing grh)


Director of Marketing

Jasmin is the Director of all marketing efforts for Grassroots Harvest. She oversees all online presence, as well as being responsible for content creation and editing. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Human Communication from Trinity University, and loves being able to utilize her education at work.

Moreover in her spare time, you can find Jasmin chilling with friends or cat, Peach. An avid food lover, one of her favorite pastimes is trying local fare from Austin’s incredible eateries. And she’ll never turn down a cocktail.

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