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Inspire CBD Honey: Know Your Terpenes

We have a NEW FACE in our CBD Honey lineup!

Inspire CBD Honey With White Widow Terpenes

Our Inspire Honey CBD is made with the same Central Texas Wildflower honey as our other two blends! And, of course, all of our products contain our high-quality, all-natural CBD.

Our Honeys are flavored with all-natural terpenes, organic compounds found in some plants that are responsible for flavor and scent. Terpenes are known for producing different effects, so we used a different terpene in each of our Honey to create a unique profile for each to provide you with all CBD honey benefits.

What’s Special About Inspire CBD Honey With White Widow Terpenes:

Our White Widow terpene profile consists primarily of two kinds of terpenes- pinene and camphene.

These terpenes are found in lots of other plants, like rosemary, citronella, fennel, and of course, pine tree resin! Not surprisingly, the aroma from these terpenes is piney and woody.

Pinene and camphene have quite a few benefits: they’re known for being anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory- all super useful things when it comes to maintaining health & wellness. But that’s not all! Pinene is well-known and loved for its ability to increase alertness, so rather than making you feel drowsy, this CBD Honey may help you wake up!

Camphene is a less-abundant terpene that’s actually shown surprising promise in the medical realm! A 2011 study on camphene showed it has the ability to reduce triglyceride and cholesterol levels, the two main causes of heart disease. Camphene is also known for improving mood.

With the combination of these two terpenes, our Inspire best CBD honey for sale is here to spark creativity & help motivate you towards greatness.

So, pull out that old project you’ve been meaning to work on, crack open our Inspire CBD Honey, and let the creativity flow!

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