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Did you know? CBD products are unregulated.

What does that mean for you?

It means that CBD companies are not required to do… anything when it comes to making a CBD product. That bottle of CBD you bought from a nearby store? It might have the amount of CBD advertised on the bottle, or it may not. The ingredients might be what’s on the label, or they may not. The lack of regulation over CBD products means that no one checks to make sure they are what they say they are.

Unfortunately, this leaves the door open for shady CBD companies to market & sell products with a fraction of the CBD they claim to contain, low-quality ingredients, and unfounded medical claims.

There's one way to know the CBD you're buying is safe & reputable: Third-Party Lab Testing.

Some CBD companies are doing what they can to prove their products are safe. But how can you trust a CBD company?

Third-party lab testing. This is when a CBD company sends their products to a lab that is not affiliated with their company in order to have it tested for purity, strength, and consistency.

Find our third-party lab results below.

 Because there are so few regulations, it’s up to companies to market honestly, and  make safe products. Unfortunately, it’s clear that not all CBD companies are following through on this.

That’s why it is so important to buy CBD from a reputable brand- the difference in quality can be astounding. How do you know if a brand is reputable? If they’re open and honest about their lab testing, that’s usually a good sign, because you can see for yourself the quality of their products.

Our most recent lab tests are linked below. If you take CBD or are interested in it, you have every right to be concerned. We want you to know: we never compromise our quality. Our products are regularly lab tested, and always pass with flying colors.

Need to see it to believe it? We totally get it- here are our most recent lab test results:

You’ll see the amount of CBD and other cannabinoids found in each product listed in a graph. Our 150mg and 350mg CBD Oils are made with CBD isolate, so CBD is the only compound found, whereas our 1500mg CBD Oil is made with full-spectrum CBD, so trace amounts of other compounds, like CBC and THC are present. The legal limit for THC is .3%, you’ll see that our 1500mg CBD Oil tests at .16% THC, well below federal requirements.

It’s time to weed out the bad seeds. It’s time for dishonest CBD companies to get called out, and thrown out.

Grassroots Harvest is here for you with trusted, safe CBD. We’ll never compromise that.


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