3 CBD Products to Change Up Your Wellness Routine

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By this point, chances are you’ve heard of CBD oil before- and if you’ve tried CBD before, that’s probably how. 

But there’s so much more to CBD than just CBD oil. Read on to find 3 CBD products that could change the way you use CBD forever!

Why Is Everyone Crazy For CBD Oil?

There are so many reasons that people love CBD oil– you can find it in a wide variety of strengths, taking CBD under the tongue works super quickly and efficiently, and it’s really the most classic method for getting that daily dose of CBD in. 

New CBD Options

You’ll be surprised to hear all the other ways people are taking CBD now, and you might even find a CBD product that sounds like a better fit for you than CBD oil! While CBD oil will always be popular, sometimes it can be fun to switch up your wellness routine and pamper yourself a bit! Trying new options for CBD products is a great way to have a little fun with your self-care, and there are options perfect for pretty much every self-care preference. 

Here Are Our Picks: 3 CBD Products to Change Up Your Wellness Routine

#1 CBD Honey- 

CBD edibles are huge right now. From CBD gummies to CBD soda water, you can honestly find pretty much any kind of CBD snack you can imagine! Our favorite option, though, is the incredibly versatile CBD honey. CBD and honey are both wellness powerhouses, so the combination of the two together is fantastic for things like inflammation, skin irritation, and more. 

We make 3 kinds of CBD honey, flavored with all-natural terpenes that have been carefully selected for their specific attributes.

Soothe with Granddaddy Purple terpenes– relaxing, calming, sleepy

Harmony with Sour Diesel terpenes– uplifting, light energy, focus

Inspire with White Widow terpenes– boost creativity, awaken, positivity

How To Use CBD Honey-

There’s actually a bunch of different ways to use CBD honey, and if you’ve thought of something you’d like to try, chances are it’ll work really well! CBD honey is a great topping, add-in to food and drinks, and honestly just delicious on its own, too. We recommend:

  • Adding CBD honey to your smoothie or green juice! It’s a healthy sugar alternative, and the added dose of CBD will make that drink even more satisfying!
  • Use CBD honey in your next cocktail, seriously, we can’t recommend this enough. It’s super easy to elevate even the most simple cocktails by adding a spoonful of CBD honey into the shaker, the flavor profile of each honey really pops, and the added layer of chill while drinking is right up our alley!
  • Drizzle CBD honey on top of your morning toast for the perfect start to each day. Goes great over bananas, peanut butter, or just buttered toast! Yum!

#2 CBD Flower-

CBD flower is CBD in its most natural state- totally raw and bred to be high in CBD content. There are plenty of ways to enjoy CBD flower, using glass tobacco pipes or water pipes will work perfectly well, as well as dry herb vaporizers. If those options sound appealing to you, it’s definitely worth it to try CBD flower as a new way to indulge in CBD. 

#3 Recover CBD Serum

If you’re looking to target specific points of pain while using CBD, our Recover CBD Serum might be the ideal option. Our Serum has been formulated to absorb into the skin quickly and efficiently and contains a blend of essential oils that combine with the CBD for supercharged relief. 

  • Use Recover CBD Serum after a workout to kick the healing process into high gear. 
  • Apply Recover CBD Serum to points of pain before doing light stretching (if possible).

No matter what you’re hoping to get out of using CBD, there are CBD products out there that will fit perfectly with your goals. The three we chose are some of our fave ways of treating ourselves with CBD, but you might find another product that works even better for you: check out our CBD gummies, CBD lotion, and CBD cartridges for even more options!

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