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What Are Terpenes? – How Plants Help the Human Body

November 2, 2020 8:39 pm Categorised in: Published by 5 Comments

We recently published a blog on the Best Herbs for Sleep, going into some of our faves like Valerian root, chamomile, and lavender! 

But that blog might have left you wondering, how do plants do what they do? How can they have an impact on our body- especially when some of these plants are most helpful via aromatherapy?

In this blog we’re going to break down how plants help the human body with something called terpenes.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are flavor and scent chemicals found in many different plants (and on rare occasions, in insects, too!). Terpenes are perhaps most well-known in the cannabis industry, as the terpene profile is largely what gives each cannabis strains their unique properties. 

The effects of a cannabis strain (is it relaxing or uplifting, etc.) depends on the terpene profile of that strain. 

Terpenes are also the major component of essential oils. An essential oil is when you take plant material and extract all the terpenes out. What’s leftover, the main ingredient for essential oils, is highly pungent. And it should be! All the scent of the plant is removed, so what you’re left with is an oil with a very strong smell- that’s the terpenes. 

What’s the difference between an essential oil and terpenes?

Terpenes are used to make essential oils. Terpenes are the raw plant compound that holds the scent. You add terpenes to a carrier oil of some kind to create the finished product. So essential oils = terpenes + oil. 

Do All Plants Have Terpenes?

While it’s possible that a few plants exist without terpenes, realistically most plants do indeed contain them. Furthermore, plants with very strong scents typically contain the most terpenes (think conifer trees, citrus fruits, herbs & more).

It’s also important to note that plants often contain multiple terpenes. For example, basil plants have pinene and humulene, among others. 

What Do Different Terpenes Do?

Essential oils are useful for all kinds of things, and that wide variety of benefits & effects is matched by terpenes (they are basically the same thing, after all)! 

Let’s go over some of the most common terpenes and what they do!

Limonene-  Citrusy scent, found in many citrus fruits, juniper, & more. Citrus scents are popular for improving mood & lifting stress, and the same goes for limonene.

Pinene- As the name would suggest, pine scent! The most common terpene in the world, Pinene is abundant in coniferous plants, basil, rosemary, & more. Research finds Pinene to be a good anti-inflammatory agent, and therefore may be beneficial in relieving things like discomfort.

Humulene- A terpene that’s earthy and a bit spicy, humulene is in plants with similar scent profiles: clove, hops, and basil all contain humulene. Humulene also might have anti-inflammatory properties, and it may lower appetite. 

Myrcene- another spicy terpene, Myrcene is present in hops, thyme, lemongrass, and mango. Myrcene might be a helpful terpene for stress relief. More research on this terpene must happen before we know for sure.  

Linalool- perhaps the most recognizable terpene scent. Linalool smells strongly like lavender and is in lavender plants as well as birch, & more. Like lavender in general, this terpene is popular for relaxing, stress-relieving, and calming properties. In studies, Linalool has been shown to be able to block receptors for the primary excitatory brain chemical glutamate.

How We Use Them With CBD 

We do offer unflavored/unscented CBD products for those that prefer without. But for those interested, our products with scents/flavors use terpenes for a finished product that’s still totally natural. We believe using terpenes in combination with CBD helps to bring out specific desired effects!

CBD Roll-Ons-

Sweet Dreams CBD Roll-On: This roll-on is crafted to soothe the mind, calm racing thoughts, and increase sleepiness. These Roll-Ons contain Blue Dreams terpenes for an extra dose of chill. 

MentRelief CBD Roll-On: This roll-on combines the power of CBD with menthol and mint terpenes for icy relief.

Flavored CBD Oils-

All our Flavored CBD Oils are made using terpenes & stevia for sweetness! 

CBD Vape Cartridges-

Pineapple Express- an uplifting & energizing terpene profile perfect for daytime use!

Jamaican Skunk– a relaxing and pleasant terpene profile perfect for cozy nights or chill times!

Delta 8 THC Cartridges-

Relatively new to our site, Delta 8 THC cartridges hold the legal cousin of Delta 9 THC, which is responsible for the ‘high’ sensation that comes from using cannabis.

Sativa FX- Citrus terpenes make this flavor pop! Just like you’d use citrus in aromatherapy, the terpenes in here bring feelings of euphoria & alertness.

Indica FX- Watermelon OG terpenes bring a mix of the best purple flavors: watermelon, grape, and lavender make this cartridge relaxing & delicious.

CBD Honey-

Soothe w/ Granddaddy Purple terpenes 

Calming granddaddy purple terpenes make this honey the perfect accompaniment to your sleepytime tea.

Harmony w/ Sour Diesel terpenes

Sour Diesel is an oldie & a goldie! Loved for bringing positivity & alertness, this terpene profile is great for daytime use.

Inspire w/ White Widow terpenes 

White Widow terpenes are popular for being invigorating & cerebral, great if you’re feeling sluggish.



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  • Will says:

    Flavors have always been important to me when I get my CBD products. I had no idea that it was something called a terpene that helped create it. Now I know more about the subject, and when people ask me, I can give them a better description of the taste after reading your article.

  • Richard says:

    Thank you for keeping it natural with your products. Many companies, even CBD companies, claim to be natural, but they don’t use terpenes. If you read the fine print, you learn that there is artificial flavor added. I love my terpene flavors and prefer to keep my CBD natural.

  • Harland says:

    I had no clue what terpenes were or what they were used for. I guess I just took advantage of the fact that the essential oils I love were there and didn’t think about where they came from. I like that you use the mint terpenes to help with relief in conjunction with CBD.

  • Charles says:

    I have always heard that oranges are supposed to change your mood. Your article has opened my eyes to the potential that plants have in our lives. Limonene is what is responsible for these uplifting citrusy scents. I’m definitely going to be more observant of what terpenes do for my overall mood and feelings.

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