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What Are Terpenes? – How Plants Help the Human Body

You might be wondering, how do plants do what they do? How can they have an impact on our body- especially when some of these plants are most helpful via aromatherapy?

In this blog we’re going to break down how plants help the human body with something called terpenes.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are flavor and scent chemicals found in many different plants (and on rare occasions, in insects, too!). Terpenes are perhaps most well-known in the cannabis industry, as the terpene profile is largely what gives each cannabis strains their unique properties. 

The effects of a cannabis strain (is it relaxing or uplifting, etc.) depends on the terpene profile of that strain. 

Terpenes are also the major component of essential oils. An essential oil is when you take plant material and extract all the terpenes out. What’s leftover, the main ingredient for essential oils, is highly pungent. And it should be! All the scent of the plant is removed, so what you’re left with is an oil with a very strong smell- that’s the terpenes. 

What’s the difference between an essential oil and terpenes?

Terpenes are used to make essential oils. Terpenes are the raw plant compound that holds the scent. You add terpenes to a carrier oil of some kind to create the finished product. So essential oils = terpenes + oil. 

Do All Plants Have Terpenes?

While it’s possible that a few plants exist without terpenes, realistically most plants do indeed contain them. Furthermore, plants with very strong scents typically contain the most terpenes (think conifer trees, citrus fruits, herbs & more).

It’s also important to note that plants often contain multiple terpenes. For example, basil plants have pinene and humulene, among others. 

What Do Different Terpenes Do?

Essential oils are useful for all kinds of things, and that wide variety of benefits & effects is the same for terpenes (they are basically the same thing, after all)! 

Let’s go over some of the most common terpenes and what they do!

Limonene-  Citrusy scent, found in many citrus fruits, juniper, & more. Citrus scents are popular for improving mood & lifting stress, and the same goes for limonene.

Pinene- As the name would suggest, pine scent! The most common terpene in the world, Pinene is abundant in coniferous plants, basil, rosemary, & more. Research finds Pinene to be a good anti-inflammatory agent, and therefore may be beneficial in relieving things like discomfort.

Humulene- A terpene that’s earthy and a bit spicy, humulene is in plants with similar scent profiles: clove, hops, and basil all contain humulene. Humulene also might have anti-inflammatory properties, and it may lower appetite. 

Myrcene- another spicy terpene, Myrcene is present in hops, thyme, lemongrass, and mango. Myrcene might be a helpful terpene for stress relief. More research on this terpene must happen before we know for sure.  

Linalool- perhaps the most recognizable terpene scent. Linalool smells strongly like lavender and is in lavender plants as well as birch, & more. Like lavender in general, this terpene is popular for relaxing, stress-relieving, and calming properties. In studies, Linalool has been able to block receptors for the primary excitatory brain chemical glutamate.

How We Use Them With CBD 

We do offer unflavored/unscented CBD products for those that prefer without. But for those interested, our products with scents/flavors use terpenes for a finished product that’s still totally natural. We believe using terpenes in combination with CBD helps to bring out specific desired effects!

CBD Roll-Ons-

Sweet Dreams CBD Roll-On: This roll-on should soothe the mind, calm racing thoughts, and increase sleepiness. These Roll-Ons contain Blue Dreams terpenes for an extra dose of chill. 

MentRelief CBD Roll-On: This roll-on combines the power of CBD with menthol and mint terpenes for icy relief.

Flavored CBD Oils

All our Flavored CBD Oils are made using terpenes & stevia for sweetness! 

CBD Vape Cartridges-

Pineapple Express- an uplifting & energizing terpene profile perfect for daytime use!

Jamaican Skunk- a relaxing and pleasant terpene profile perfect for cozy nights or chill times!

Delta 8 THC Cartridges-

Relatively new to our site, Delta 8 THC cartridges hold the legal cousin of Delta 9 THC, which is responsible for the ‘high’ sensation that comes from using cannabis.

Sativa FX- Citrus terpenes make this flavor pop! Just like you’d use citrus in aromatherapy, the terpenes in here bring feelings of euphoria & alertness.

Indica FX- Watermelon OG terpenes bring a mix of the best purple flavors: watermelon, grape, and lavender make this cartridge relaxing & delicious.

CBD Honey-

Soothe w/ Granddaddy Purple terpenes 

Calming granddaddy purple terpenes make this honey the perfect accompaniment to your sleepytime tea.

Harmony w/ Sour Diesel terpenes

Sour Diesel is an oldie & a goldie! Loved for bringing positivity & alertness, this terpene profile is great for daytime use.

Inspire w/ White Widow terpenes 

White Widow terpenes are popular for being invigorating & cerebral, great if you’re feeling sluggish.

Which Terpene Blend Is Best For You?

Terpenes are aromatic compounds that are naturally in plants. Today there are numerous terpenes available, with each one providing a different benefit from the next. But how do you choose the right terpene blend for you? In this article, we are going to be running down 10 of our favorite blends and strains and also letting you know what strain or blend is right for you!

Watermelon OG:

This terpene aka ‘watermelon kush’ or simply ‘watermelon’ is an indica marijuana strain from mixing two currently unknown strains. This terpene blend is characterized by its unique relaxing feeling making it a great option for users looking for some appetite stimulant or a sleeping aid. Like its name connotes, this blend has a unique watermelon essence which is similar to the smell of grapes with hash undertones. This particular terpene is popular among growers because of its high potency and yield requiring about 60 days flowering time.


This terpene is a mix of unsaturated cyclic aliphatic hydrocarbons possessing about 95% d-limonene and 5% citrus essence. These terpenes are usually extracted from the peel of citrus fruits by a second pressing, during the separation of juice from the fruit. This mixture can be extracted from the fruit of the orange tree (Citrus sinensis, Rutaceae), grapefruit tree (Citrus paradisi, Macfadyen), lime tree (Citrus aurantifolia, Rutaceae), lemon tree (Citrus limonum, Rutaceae), and/or tangerine tree (Citrus reticulata [mandarin]), also.

Green Crack:

Also referred to as “mango crack” or “green crush”, this strain is an incredibly potent marijuana strain made by mixing a popular strain called – Skunk #1 with an unknown strain. Known for its energizing effects, this strain provides users with a sharp increase in energy and focus and a sharper mental buzz that can keep you going all day long. Flavor wise, this strain has a tangy, fruity flavor reminiscent of mango’s. 

Jack Herer:

Referred to as “JH”, “The Jack”, this strain was created in Netherlands in the mid-1990s before it was distributed by pharmacies as a medical strain. This strain combines a Haze hybrid with a Norther Lights#5 and also Shiva Skunk. Speaking about its flavor, this strain has a strong pine smell noticeable to its millions of users. users can expect to enjoy effects of increased creativity & mild euphoria.

Trainwreck OG:

OG wreck is described as a hybrid of the popular OG kush and Trainwreck strains. The result is a very potent sativa strain capable of cerebral effects and, perhaps, beneficial properties. Its iconic chunky buds are indicative of its OG genes and these are coated with crystal trichomes creating an almost blue hue. This strain’s flavor is typically a sour, skunky scent with a fruity flavor with spicy pepper undertones. This strain is popular with users for its therapeutic effects ideal for users dealing with nausea, discomfort, and also appetite loss.

Strawberry Cough:

This strain is popular for its very sweet strawberry sense which is enough to make even the most seasoned user cough, this strain is a very potent sativa marijuana strain with unknown origins. Its skunky and berry flavors will capture your senses whilst its uplifting effects will provide a euphoric aura that will definitely leave a smile on your face. Because of this, it’s a very popular blend.

Granddaddy Purp:

Granddaddy purple a.k.a. ‘GDP’ or ‘Grandaddy Purple Kush’ became popular in 2003. This strain is a cross of the mendo purps, skunks and Afghanistan strains. This strain has a berry and grape aroma which it inherits from its parent strains. It delivers a mixture of mental and physical effects – in the sense of cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation. Users have described being rooted to a spot as their mind float off in a dreamy haze. Because of these effects, GDP is a very popular strain.

Gorilla Glue#4:

This strain, a.k.a “GG4”, “Original Glue” or simply Gorilla Glue is a potent hybrid marijuana strain that provides users with feelings of relaxation and heavy euphoria. Its resin-covered, chunky buds are able to overwhelm a room with sour and earthy aromas because of its parent strains. 


You derive this sativa marijuana strain by crossing Skunk-1 and also California Orange. Originally made popular in Amsterdam before taking flight in other countries. It is also a remake of the popular tangerine dream, popular in the 90s as well. Flavorwise, users can expect to enjoy a refreshing tangerine aroma capable of overwhelming an environment. 

Blue Dream:

Last on our list is Blue Dream, a sativa hybrid marijuana strain you get by mixing Haze with Blueberry. This strain is 18% THC but has a low CBD percentage making it a fan favorite among users. Flavorwise, this strain smells and tastes like sweet berries and its users can expect to enjoy cerebral stimulation and a full body relaxation. 
Each one of these terpenes and strains is unique in their own right. It is important you know the desired effect each strain and terpene provide and purchase the right one accordingly. To begin your terpene journey, you should check out our extensive collection of cartridges here because of the wide variety of profiles available. 

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Jasmin Weber

Jasmin Weber is a seasoned professional in the kratom and CBD industry, contributing her expertise to Grassroots Harvest and GRH Kratom for over three years. A prolific writer, Jasmin crafts engaging content for both the cannabis and kratom websites of these companies and is a recognized voice in related online communities. With a deep-seated passion for the ever-evolving cannabis field, Jasmin dedicates herself to staying at the forefront of industry developments. Jasmin holds a Bachelor of Arts in Human Communication from Trinity University, San Antonio, where she also minored in Creative Writing and Religion, graduating in 2016. Her academic background enriches her ability to communicate complex information clearly and creatively. For collaboration opportunities, Jasmin can be reached at She is keen to explore innovative ideas that advance understanding and engagement in the cannabis and kratom sectors.Bachelor of Arts in Human Communication with Minors in Creative Writing & Religion. Feel free to contact the author at if you have any ideas for collaborations.

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