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Start 2023 on the Right Foot- Hemp Products for the New Year

During the Holiday season, it’s easy to get carried away while setting lofty goals for the following year. The new year is a great time to “get back on track” and rectify any damage the holidays may have done. So, what’s your new year’s resolution this year? Loving and caring for yourself can be the best way to start 2023. Many of us have goals of losing weight, cutting out alcohol, and traveling more. But why not do something a bit different and special? Self-care is the way to go for this 2023 New Year, and there’s plenty of ways hemp might help. This blog will go over hemp & self-care for 2023!


Working on self-care to show up as the best version of yourself can be a powerful resolution. Hemp products can be one of the essential pillars of practicing self-care. Grassroots Harvest offers a variety of hemp products for starting this new year to improve your overall wellness. Let’s go over what some of the best hemp products may be to treat yourself with this 2023 New Year!


Best Hemp Products for 2023 New Year


Recover CBD Serum


Fast and practical, this CBD serum is for application directly to trouble spots. The rub-on product is ideal for post-workout, muscle soreness, and general aches and pains and works on the move or as part of your regular self-care practice.


Use Recover CBD Serum to help your body heal, and you’ll quickly understand why it’s regarded as one of the finest CBD up-to-date alternatives available now. 

Wicker basket containing Recover topical hemp oil extract (CBD) serum in spray bottle

CBD Tinctures 


Many people choose to take CBD in the form of a tincture, and for a number of reasons. CBD tinctures are plant extracts that include cannabidiol (CBD) as well as other cannabinoid chemicals, including terpenes and essential oils. According to federal law, tinctures, like other CBD products, have less than.3% THC, meaning that they do not contain that many psychoactive ingredients to induce a “high”, yet allow you to experience the benefits of CBD. 


An independent lab always tests GRH CBD tinctures to ensure their potency and purity, and you can be sure that our CBD oil is just what you need. We offer our Original CBD Oil in three different strengths, to try to fit all needs. Which would you choose- 500mg, 1500mg or 2500mg?

Final Thoughts on Entering 2023 in a Good Mindset

However, besides taking hemp products, you’ll also need to do a few things. Be attentive to getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, eating a balanced diet, and exercising regularly. Combining all these practices can help you start the New Year out on the right foot. 

Got questions? Let us know in the comments below!

Want to learn more about CBD and how it may be beneficial? Check out this blog. 


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