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What Are The Best Stoner Snacks? A Definitive List

Best Stoner Snacks

We’ve all been there. That moment when the high kicks in and ignites cravings we never thought we’d have. Or, when it wears off and your appetite just goes wild. Either way, the importance of curating a selection of easily accessible and tasty snack cannot be overstated and that Is why we have curated this list. Here’s our picks of the best stoner snacks.

In no order, here is a list of the best stoner snacks that can be used to guide you as you build your collection!

1. Fritos:

The OG on every list. Made by Frito-Lay, whether you are going with the original Fritos or the BBQ flavor, you are sure to enjoy these amazing snacks which can be used to make a lazy man’s Frito pie!

2.  Cinnamon Rolls:

Made by Pillsbury, these are for the stoners who have developed the competence to use the oven while high. These yummy snacks aren’t only a great way to handle cotton mouth (do not forget to use a lot of icing). But the smell of it being baked in the house does a pretty amazing job of erasing any evidence that some weed was just smoked!

3. Twinkies:

You know them, you love them, twinkies are back! And thankfully too, these fluffy crème-filled wrapped cakes are stoners delight and a great way to chill out once the high has set in and all is right with the world.

4. Oreos:

For sweet-toothed stones only! Oreos, also referred to as milk’s favorite cookie should be a must have on every stoner’s grocery list as they put together their stash. The hallmark of a truly great high is a great ending and what better than a classic chocolate cookie and white icing sandwich.

5. Cheese Cubes or Cheez Wiz

Cheez Wiz is the preferred snack of the vast majority of stones. Its versatility is unparalleled as it can be combined with almost anything or it could be eaten straight from the jar into your mouth. But the best Cheez Wiz? That comes as easy cheese and requires no utensils, clean up – simply goes from can to mouth! 

6. Top Ramen:

If you are a stoner who loves anime, odds are you have developed some form of affection for ramen as well. Ramen is the best meal for stoner who are looking for something with a bit more oomph yet really easy to prepare. Pro-Tip: throw in some hot sauce in there and watch how your casual snack becomes the greatest stoner meal. 

7. Brite Crawlers:

If you are one of those stoners who so happens to stay next to a gas station, you might want to stock up on these yummy worms. The sweetness they provide do well to overpower the sour taste of the tangy crystals and they provide you with little sustenance, meaning your high lasts longer. A win in our books!

8. Pizza Rolls:

Like the cinema rolls but pizza! Simply pop these yummy treats into your microwave and wait as they rise. The only problem with these is that you are more than likely going to forget to refill your collection and rue your luck the next time you are high – oops! 

9. Half Baked Ice Cream:

Made especially for those who are looking to step down from their high with decadence, Ben & Jerry’s “Half Baked” ice cream is the only choice. Made as the perfect pint-sized tub made with half vanilla/half chocolate ice cream and equal parts chocolate chip cookie dough and fudge brownie; it is clear that Ben & Jerry’s weren’t playing around with this.

Coming in at number 10, we have!

10. Doritos:

The crème de la crème of stoner snacks, one of the few snacks accepted worldwide and across generations – Doritos. As Doritos Locos tacos, they are amazing, but Doritos straight out the bag? Utterly satisfying. 

But we aren’t done yet, here are some amazing stoner drinks you can also enjoy as you enjoy the ride!

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Best Stoner Drinks


Hydration is super important and even more so when you are high. Make sure you keep a bottle or a couple close by and hydrate as needed!

 Chocolate Milk:

Whether you choose to take this while its hot or while its cold, it is completely up to you. But one thing is for sure, you cannot go wrong with chocolate milk. And the best part? If you look at our snack list closely, odds are you’d find at least one snack you can pair this with! 


Starting with Arizona iced tea before moving on to the various flavored Tazo teas available within the market today, tea is now becoming a staple for most stones. 

 Milkshakes and Smoothies:

Whether you choose to buy them pre-made and stored in your fridge for the right time or you want to do it yourself by throwing in your favorite ice cream or milk flavor while combining the right fresh fruits with a hint of juice. Milkshakes are always a great idea, and we completely recommend!

Fruit juice:

Also, a good idea to have around. Very few things beat having a glass of fresh squeezed juice to satisfy your thirst while high. Consider pineapple, coconut or guava juice – you’d thank us later.

So there you have it. Our definitive list of snacks and drinks to enjoy while having a great time. What snacks do you enjoy while high? Let us know!

Think we got it wrong in our best stoner snacks list? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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