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How to Take THC-P: Details on THCP Dosing and More!

As Cannabis is getting more normalized and legalized daily, the cannabis trade is one of the most buzzing and faster-growing industries in well-being and health today. And in line with this, new cannabis compounds are being revealed constantly, which calls forth THC-P, the latest trend of hemp-obtained cannabinoids. In this blog we’re going to talk about different aspects of THCP (aka THC-P), and how to take THC-P!

As far as psychoactive cannabinoids go, Delta-9 THC was in the top place for a long time. However, with THC-P some are of the opinion that it’s 33x stronger than THC.

Through this comprehensive guide, we are going to explain THCP, including its way of using this expensive cannabinoid, safety, legality, effects, and what form of it is most popular among people. 

What is THC-P?

THC-P is a cannabis compound that is known for being particularly strong. Rather than being taken on its own, like delta-8, delta-9, or delta-10 THC, THC-P is often used to strengthen another cannabis product. For example, rather than taking a THC-P gummy, it would be more common to find a delta-8 THC gummy strengthened with THC-P.

How Is THC-P Created?

An Italian team of scientists discovered THCP or Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabiphorol in 2019. This formerly unknown cannabinoid’s discovery came from using modern technology, which lays out insights into minor cannabinoids. 

As an analog version of THC, THCP has an analogous molecule structure. According to the research team, it has the longest carbon chain yet among cannabinoids. The power of the molecule is due to the 7-carbon chain length. 

As it appears in element concentrations in a cannabis plant, THCP is usually conceded as an agrestal cannabinoid. Made from the cannabigerolic acid in the cannabis plant, “mother cannabinoid” is its other name. 

THCP extraction happens in the lab from industrial hemp with up to 0.3% Delta-9 THC despite being available naturally. For setting THCP apart through extraction, a large quantity of hemp is required. That’s why resellers producing THCP use other cannabinoids in products with it. Alone, THCP is very expensive.

Why THC-P Is Expensive

The market for this rare cannabinoid is blowing up nowadays, offering an extensive choice of psychoactive marijuana imitative that can be nationally legal and still conveying a significant stimulating / high effect. But, a suitable few suppliers are producing THCP at present. 

Several are apprehensive about the method they use for synthesizing this cannabinoid. As it requires a unique process to extract THCP out of cannabinoids, formulating it in large quantities is expensive, with the cost passed over to the consumer. 

Even though THCP exists in low concentrations in hemp plants, due to its potency, people are becoming interested in its health advantages for everyday well-being. That’s why it’s comparably expensive in the market. 

How To Take THCP

The particular strength of this cannabinoid indicates that users should take a little dose to get the applicable psychoactive effects. Cannabis enthusiasts should consider that whenever it’s a new cannabinoid, effects could differ from what they’re used to. Despite being unique, THCP has already gained popularity among users in different forms of usage. 

Take a glance at the popular forms of taking THC-P here-

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Vape Cartridges: Pre-filled cartridges and replaceable devices accommodating THC-P extract THCP vapes are popular. They come in various flavors and strength options, which derive from adding THCP with terpene profiles.

Tinctures: THCP tinctures emerge, adding the THCP extract into a carrier oil, often with other cannabinoids. 

Capsules: Another form of taking THCP is in the form of capsules. As people have been taking cannabis capsules, this form has become a favorite.

Edibles: Like CBD gummies, THCP gummies are also a hit in the market. They offer long-lasting effects compared to other products because of their great absorbent power through the body’s digestive process. 

Dabs: Another sought-after form is dabs, which offer substantial cannabinoid concentrations. THCP shatter, wax, etc., concentrates are quite successful nowadays. 

THC-P Dosage 

It’s highly recommended that users take small THC-P doses at the start and observe the effects. Experts suggest starting with a small amount and increasing over time. 

While deciding the quantity of THC-P dose to take, one should consider both the per strength and dosage. THC-P dosage means the proper amount of a THC-P product a user consumes. For example, a tincture of 1-ml or a vape of 2-puffs. 

On the other hand, strength indicates how many milligrams of pure THCP extract are in a hemp product. And this quantity of added THCP extract determines the potential level of a dose. 

If you intake THC-P via vape or dab, it will take around 10 to 25 minutes to kick start the effect. On the other hand, it requires one hour to work out if you ingest through tinctures. Whatever form of THC-P you intake works the same as other digested or inhaled products. 

As a newer compound, more extensive studies on THCP would help us understand the effects. However, according to anecdotal evidence, it’s quite a potent compound that deserves cautious use. 

We are not medical experts and this is not medical advice, merely our best understanding of the subject. If you have medical questions, please consult a physician. If you have further questions, please let us know in the comments.

Final Words on How to Take THCP

Thanks to the researchers on Cannabis, now we have enough knowledge about THC-P, even though it hasn’t passed much time since it came to our acknowledgement. However, vape cartridges, gummies, capsules, and tinctures are the popular formats, available from a few suppliers. But, there is a possibility that a large variety of more affordable products can emerge in the market if the demand for THC-P grows among the consumers. 

Learn more about Cannabis here!


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