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20 Ways to Recover from 2020- CBD Recovery & Our Favorite Methods

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2020 has been one heck of a year, and it’s safe to say we’re all feeling a bit of figurative whiplash from all the crazy stuff that’s gone down. In order to keep our heads above water & our spirits uplifted, we’re trying to make a point of giving ourselves more- more time, more grace, more space, all things that we believe are needed to recover from the traumas of the past year. For us, that’s where CBD recovery comes in.

But how? It seems like everything is working against our being able to find relaxation, comfort, and calm. So here are our tips for carving out a space for yourself to recover in- using our favorite ingredient of all, CBD!

20 Ways to Recover from 2020

Excess movement can cause soreness & discomfort in the body, but so can a sedentary lifestyle. This may not hold true for everyone, but for us quarantine was a time of next-to-no movement (sorry steps counter) and we’ve felt sluggish in our bodies & minds because of it. Back feeling sore from sitting in one place for too long? Wrists aching from typing so much at home? 

Here are some methods of CBD Recovery:

  1. Rub Recover CBD Serum on sore wrists/hands after a long work day
  2. Try MentRelief Roll-On CBD generously applied to back aches 
  3. If you’re feeling fancy, use CBD Lotion for the most luxurious hand or foot massage
  4. Now offering Legal Lean for a night of deep, restful sleep
  5. Put Sweet Dreams Roll-On CBD on temples to ease stress throughout the day
  6. Take a break with a CBD Gummy to lift your spirits
  7. Nightly cups of sleepy time tea with Soothe CBD Honey
  8. Apply a small daub of CBD Mint Salve to points of persistent discomfort
  9. If you’re frequently on-the-go, CBD Capsules can provide a dose of relief anywhere
  10. A few drops of CBD Oil when you wake up to banish morning anxieties
  11. Stretch lightly, then apply MentRelief Roll-On CBD to points that need attention
  12. A pump or two of Orange Cream CBD is a great mood-booster
  13. Read a book with a glass of lemonade sweetened with Harmony CBD honey 
  14. A bit of Recover CBD Serum on kinks and knots after sleeping poorly
  15. Make a magical face mask with Inspire CBD Honey + lemon or cinnamon
  16. A few drops of CBD in your a.m. coffee to keep jitters at bay (plus it’s tasty!)
  17. Make a loaded smoothie with a pump of CBD inside for extra oomph
  18. Take a break from sitting with a few squats & lunges, then treat yourself to a CBD gummy
  19. Swipe Sweet Dreams Roll-On CBD on temples after long Zoom calls to ease tension
  20. Treat yourself with love, patience, and care

It’s Time to Take Care of Yourself!

There are plenty of other ways to use CBD in your day-to-day life for highly effective CBD recovery, but these are some of our favorites for sure!

We hope these ideas help you work through some of the baggage 2020 has brought with it. Let us know if there are other ways you plan on using CBD to help you Recover from 2020!

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