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CBD Honey For Spring Allergies

Spring is here! We’re loving the warmer weather, the sun in the sky, and the flowers blooming all around us but, with all the flowers blooming, there’s pollen in the air and allergies have got us going a little crazy!

Cedar, pollen, mold, they’re all coming out to play right now, and it’s up to you to build up your defences!

CBD Honey Can Help!

Our CBD Honeys are made with raw Central Texas Wildflower Honey. Local honey has been a staple allergy aid for a long time, so if you live in Central Texas, that alone could mean that our CBD Honey could help your allergy symptoms! If you don’t live in Central Texas don’t fret, you may still find allergy relief from our CBD Honey- here’s how:

Our CBD Honeys are flavored with all-natural terpenes, organic compounds found in lots of plants & trees that are responsible for flavor and aroma- for example, these compounds are what make pine trees smell ‘piney’, and give hops plants that distinctive, bitter taste that so many beer drinkers have come to love.

Each individual terpene is known for specific, unique effects. Some are known for promoting relaxation, others are more invigorating.

Terpenes are also known for having a number of beneficial properties- and that’s where the allergy relief comes in. Many terpenes are anti-inflammatory, as well as anti-bacterial. When you’re dealing with allergies, you’re dealing with inflammation- puffy eyes and a red, sore nose are just two ways inflammation can play a part in allergy discomfort. So, the anti-inflammatory properties of both terpenes and CBD can be a big help in that arena. Some terpenes are even known to be bronchodilators, or substances that widens the bronchi, allowing better airflow into the lungs and improved breathing. So, if allergies make it hard to breathe, these terpenes might help.

CBD itself is known for being highly effective as an anti-inflammatory, so that, combined with the extra help of all-natural terpenes, means that this honey is great at reducing inflammation and the discomfort that comes with it.

So, let’s recap:

If you’re local to Central Texas, our raw Wildflower Honey can help you reduce allergies as it contains local pollen. Consuming it helps your body recognize potential allergens, so that future symptoms are less severe.

If you’re not local, no sweat! The all-natural terpenes that flavor our honeys are also known for a few allergy-busting abilities!

Terpenes are great anti-inflammatories, and can help reduce allergy symptoms that are related to inflammation.

Terpenes can act as bronchodilators, making it easier to breathe even if you’re dealing with a cough or congestion.

Terpenes are also known for their anti-bacterial and anti-fungal abilities, and although those won’t help with allergies, they may help you stay well and avoid sickness.

All these benefits, plus the health benefits of CBD, mean that these honeys are packed full of wellness. 

Soothe: with Granddaddy Purple terpenes

Chill & Relaxing

Harmony: with Sour Diesel terpenes

Bright & Uplifting

Inspire: with White Widow terpenes

Creative & Motivating

Like we said above, terpenes are known for specific, unique effects. Try each of our three CBD Honeys to see which one you like best!


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