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CBD Honey For Cold & Flu Season

Autumn has finally arrived!

We can’t wait for sweater weather, crunchy leaves, and temperatures that start with a number other than 9, but…

We aren’t that pumped for cold & flu season.

Now that colder weather is creeping in, so are the Wintertime bugs that can derail life for a week or two out of the blue, not to mention rising mold levels coming for all the allergy sufferers out there!

This year, we’re vowing to do something about cold & flu season before it strikes- and we’re not just talking about flu shots!

There are a lot of reasons why the combination of CBD and honey is perfect for this time of year when staying healthy is key and, when that fails, staying comfortable is crucial. 

Honey Helps

Honey is one of the all-time greatest things when you’re sick. Honey is antibacterial and in fact, is so effective at killing bacteria that it was used to dress wounds in ancient Egypt. Eating honey while sick is a great move, especially with a bacterial illness. It can also be super helpful when it comes to keeping you healthy in the first place, so don’t think you have to wait to get sick to add CBD honey to your regimen! 

Why Local Honey?

Our CBD Honey is made with raw Central Texas Wildflower Honey. Local honey has been a staple allergy aid for a long time, so if you live in Central Texas, that alone could mean that our CBD Honey could help your symptoms if you’re dealing with mold! 

If you don’t live in Central Texas don’t fret, you may still find relief from our CBD Honey!

Let’s Talk Terpenes

Our CBD Honeys are flavored with all-natural terpenes, organic compounds found in lots of plants & trees that are responsible for flavor and aroma- for example, these compounds are what make pine trees smell ‘piney’ and give hops plants that distinctive, bitter taste that so many beer drinkers have come to love. 

Each individual terpene is known for specific, unique effects. Some are known for promoting relaxation, others are more invigorating. 

Terpenes are also known for having a number of beneficial properties- and that’s where the relief comes in. Many terpenes are anti-inflammatory, as well as anti-bacterial. When you’re dealing with allergies, a cold, or the flu, you’re dealing with inflammation- puffy eyes and a red, sore nose are just two ways inflammation can make you uncomfortable when you’re sick. So, the anti-inflammatory properties of both terpenes and CBD can be a big help in that arena. Some terpenes are even known to be bronchodilators, or substances that widens the bronchi, allowing better airflow into the lungs and improved breathing. So, if sickness is making it hard to breathe, these terpenes might help. 

Why CBD?

CBD itself is known for being highly effective as an anti-inflammatory. In fact, quite a few studies have been conducted on CBD and inflammation, with most of them finding highly positive results.  CBD’s anti-inflammatory power combined with the extra help of all-natural terpenes means that this honey is great at reducing inflammation and the discomfort that comes with it. 

Why does that matter for flu season? Well, a lot of your flu symptoms are going to be directly linked to inflammation. Fever, sore nose, sore throat, and more of the hallmark symptoms of the flu are directly caused by or related to inflammation. Since CBD is great at reducing inflammation, it may also be great at relieving these nasty symptoms.  

So, let’s recap: 

If you’re local to Central Texas, our raw Wildflower Honey may help you reduce allergies as it contains local pollen. Consuming it helps your body recognize potential allergens so that future symptoms are less severe. 

If you’re not local, no sweat! The all-natural terpenes that flavor our honeys are also known for a few illness-busting abilities!

Terpenes are great anti-inflammatories and may help reduce symptoms that are related to inflammation.

Terpenes can act as bronchodilators, making it easier to breathe even if you’re dealing with a cough or congestion.

Terpenes are also known for their anti-bacterial and anti-fungal abilities, and they may help you stay well and avoid sickness. 

All these benefits, plus the health benefits of CBD, allow these honeys to be packed full of wellness. 

Like we said above, terpenes are known for specific, unique effects. Try each of our three CBD Honeys to see which one you like best!

Soothe: with Granddaddy Purple terpenes

Chill & Relaxing

Harmony: with Sour Diesel terpenes

Bright & Uplifting

Inspire: with White Widow terpenes

Creative & Motivating

Feeling Under the Weather? This Recipe is for you-

The Hot Toddy

Hot toddies are a classic drink for when you’re under the weather- this is our nonalcoholic version, perfect for sick days! The combination of lemon and honey is perfect for soothing a sore throat, and when you use CBD honey, you get all the benefits we talked about in one delicious, warm cup. 

We recommend using our Harmony CBD Honey with this recipe- Harmony is made with Sour Diesel terpenes, which are citrusy and go perfectly with the lemon in this drink. 


¾ cup of water

2 teaspoons of GRH Harmony CBD Honey

2-3 teaspoons of lemon juice, to taste

1 lemon round


In a teapot or saucepan, bring your water to a simmer, then pour the hot water into a mug

Add the honey and lemon juice. Stir together. 

Garnish with your lemon round

Feeling really crummy? Add a shot (1½ oz.) of whiskey in with the lemon and honey for an extra kick in the pants!

We hope these tips on using CBD honey during cold & flu season come in handy and that you make it through Winter unscathed! But, if you do manage to get sick, remember there’s always a Hot Toddy ready to comfort you…

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