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High-Intensity Sports and CBD: Possible Effects on Physical Recovery

More and more research about CBD is happening as time marches on, and we’ve got more information on CBD than ever before. Due to its beneficial and enjoyable qualities, this cannabis compound now has a widespread reputation. Today, we’d want to go more into the link between high intensity sports and CBD.


What Is CBD?


In recent years, several strategies for overcoming exhaustion rise and fall in popularity. Methods that include the use of plant-based items, such as ginseng, cherries, green tea, spinach, beetroot, and curcumin, are among the most well-known. Recovery from exercise-induced weariness is aided by the cognitive advantages of these natural compounds, like their antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic characteristics.


A new name, CBD, is now also on the list with the 2018 Farm Bill making it federally legal. And its usage among athletes has skyrocketed, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down.


Cannabidiol, more often known as CBD, is one of over a hundred different cannabinoid chemicals that are in the cannabis plant. Due to its close relationship with cannabis, CBD is sometimes misunderstood to have the same physiological effects as the more well-known cannabinoid THC. Intoxication, or the “high” associated with recreational cannabis usage, results from a chemical component called tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC for short. In contrast, cannabidiol (CBD) does not cause intoxication and is perfectly safe for human ingestion. In short, CBD alone can’t get you high.


As events have gotten more frequent and intense, recovery has emerged as a critical area of study in sports. Because of this, scientists, trainers, and athletes now include recovery tactics with CBD in their overall workout programs. 

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What Sports Are The Toughest On The Body?


Many of us associate the term “exhaustion” with the tiredness we feel at the end of a long day at the office. A whole night of sleep is typically all that would be needed to restore the body’s energy stores and calm the tense muscles that cause that sensation.


However, this does not hold true for the exhausting, intense fatigue that professional sportspeople experience.


Athletes often suffer fatigue that lasts much longer than the level at which their muscles give up and concede defeat. Professional athletics force you to perform at your absolute physical limit and drive you to decide whether to give up and retire or persevere and become the best at what you do.


However, not all sports get you equally exhausted. So, the next obvious inquiry is, which sport causes the toughest exhaustion? 


Based on how many calories and fluid your body loses, you can indicate how tough the body system is functioning. After extensive study and consultation with athletes, the following is a list of the top ten most challenging sports toughest on the body practiced throughout the globe today.


  1. Rugby
  2. Football
  3. Hockey
  4. Basketball
  5. Boxing 
  6. Wrestling
  7. Tennis
  8. Skiing 
  9. Swimming 
  10.  Soccer


Searching for ways to improve one’s athletic performance is a never-ending and sometimes difficult task for most sports enthusiasts and athletes. Performers, particularly professionals, are subject to strict anti-doping regulations, so any medications or supplements they take must be legal, non-harmful, and ideally all-natural.


CBD has been making an impact among sportspeople due to its claimed advantages, which include faster recovery, improved sleep, and less anxiety about competition.

We do not make any claims or guarantees about our CBD products- if you are someone subject to drug testing, use at your own risk.

How Does Cannabidiol (CBD) Help With Sports Rehabilitation?


Rest and Sleep

Without inducing sleepiness, CBD is recognized to promote standard sleep patterns. Among the most vital components of getting well is sleeping well every night. During sleep, your body restores its energy stores, regulates its hormones, and sheds excess pounds.


Reduce Inflammation

CBD has shown promise in recent research for reducing inflammation in relation to both before and after exercise. Faster recovery, enhanced training, and lessened risk of delayed muscle soreness are all possible thanks to such anti-inflammatory advantages.


Relaxing Tense Muscles

Muscular convulsions may result from a variety of issues, including muscle injuries, dehydration, and nerve impingement. The characteristics of cannabinoids, such as those found in CBD oil, may very well be beneficial in easing your muscle.


Improving appetite 


Hard exercises need extra calories for proper recovery, and CBD may  assist in healthily boosting the appetite.


Recover CBD Serum For Sports / Athletes


There are many reasons why cannabidiol (CBD) could be helpful for athletes of all stripes during training. Athletes of all kinds are expected to maintain an extreme level of physical fitness. This might make them more susceptible to common issues or injuries of athletic competition. Some of the best athletes in the world have a new go-to technique to prep and recover their bodies using CBD-infused topicals like Recover CBD Serum.


This product is ideal for managing physical discomfort while on the move, providing an additional layer of restoration to your regular self-care regimen, or massaging in additional relief after a workout.

Many athletes experience anxiety just before a big game or competition. Since stress has been shown to hinder performance, Original CBD Oil like this one could be a solution. It’s a fantastic all-natural option for coping with the pressures of game day and getting ready for the big game.

Final Thoughts on CBD and Sports

Check out Grassroots Harvest if you’re interested in CBD products developed with sports / athletes in mind. The products by GRH are carefully crafted from seeds to sale, making them ideal for athletes.

Got questions on sports and CBD? Let us know in the comments below!

Learn more about the potential benefits of CBD here. 

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