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See Who’s Buzzing About PEARL

Check out this article from our friends over at the Austin Chronicle! It’s a roundup of some new, exciting CBD products hitting the scene and it features our newest product- PEARL CBD Lube! 

Find out more about this innovative product and read an exclusive quote from our owner Kemal Whyte on being a black business owner during current events.

Find the Article Here:

We’ve been fans of the Austin Chronicle for some time, not only for their clear & quality reporting, but also for the work they’ve done and continue to do championing local businesses. 

Why CBD & Lube?

CBD is beloved for a wide variety of reasons. People have spoken out about the benefits of CBD for things like chronic discomfort, problems sleeping, stress & anxiety and more- but what can CBD do for sex?

Intimacy is maximized with a CBD lubricant, as tension & discomfort melt away to make room for pleasure. 

CBD is a naturally soothing, anti-inflammatory ingredient that will enhance every experience when applied directly onto sensitive areas. CBD enhances blood flow & relaxes muscles where applied, so use generously and get ready to feel good!

This lube is perfect for:

  • Reduced discomfort during sex
  • Heightened sensation & arousal 
  • Condom or silicone usage (water-based)
  • Balancing your natural Ph 
PEARL cbd lube

Water-Based Lubricant

It was important for us to create a product that promotes safe & fun sex, so we went with a water-soluble CBD that we’ve never used before- all our other CBD products are oil-based. But oil-based lubes cause problems with condoms, and that’s a no-go for us. So PEARL is completely water-based and Latex-Safe! 

Ready to try PEARL? Shop here!

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