CBD And Sex

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Cannabis lube. 

Yep, it’s a thing. 

With the legalization of weed throughout so many of America’s states, we’re beginning to see how cannabis impacts different facets of our lives. Clinical reviews and research into the impact of cannabis on everything from exercise to mental well-being to cognitive function has recently ramped up significantly, and the results are promising.

And yet the impact of cannabis, and in particular CBD, on our sexual lives is not discussed or researched nearly enough. According to the Remedy Review, 68%2 of people say CBD improves their sex lives, but most people never even think to use it!

Incorporating the best CBD products into traditional sexual enhancement products is an incredibly easy and effective way to incorporate cannabis into your bedroom life, and CBD lube has emerged as one of the best lubes for sex out there. 

CBD In Cannabis

As a plant, cannabis has hundreds of different compounds called “cannabinoids”, and these various cannabinoids are responsible for the many effects of cannabis.

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of the most prominent cannabinoids in cannabis. The human endocannabinoid system features cannabis receptors throughout the body specially designed to accept cannabinoids like CBD.

Unlike the main psychoactive compound in weed (THC), CBD won’t get you high. But CBD has a wide array of benefits, and incorporating CBD into your bedroom life can dramatically improve sensation, sensitivity, performance, and satisfaction.

Benefits Of Using CBD For Sex

Like we mentioned before, because weed has only recently been legalized, research on how cannabis impacts on our sexual lives has only really just started. Thus, a large amount of data is anecdotal. 

But as it turns out, part of our endocannabinoid system features cannabinoid receptors in our reproductive organs1. So while we cannot say with full certainty that cannabinoids have an effect on sex and sexual pleasure, anectodatal evidence along with cannabinoid receptors in our reproductive organs would point strongly to that possibility.

Some of the other benefits that come from incorporating CBD products into your sex life include:

  • Anxiety
    • CBD shows promising results in decreasing anxiety. Many males who suffer from performance anxiety may benefit from CBD and CBD lubes.
  • Poor Lubrication
    • Nothing shuts the show down early like the dryness that leads to painful sex. CBD is one of the best lubes for women as it leads to smooth stimulation and effortless pleasure. 
  • Low Sex Drive
    • One study3 reports that cannabis use activates brain regions also associated with sexual arousal. As one of the primary cannabinoids, CBD may play a crucial role in sexual arousal.

Remember, if you’ve never tried CBD or are unsure whether or not it’s for you, it is always best to consult your doctor or a licensed physician before trying Grassroots Harvest’s CBD products.

PEARL cbd lube

CBD Lube And Sex

While research on CBD and sex is limited, there’s a fair amount of anecdotal evidence that CBD lube dramatically improves sex.

If you’ve ever tried lubricants for sex, you know they increase passion, intimacy, and enhance the overall sexual experience. CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects can theoretically decrease swelling from friction, improving female sensitivity all night long.

Grassroots Harvest’s PEARL water-based CBD lube will make an incredible addition to your bedroom life. Whether you’re a solo explorer or looking to spice things up with a partner, GRH’s PEARL cannabis lube is a great way to get the blood flowing.

PEARL In The News

For years, the Austin Chronicle has championed small business owners everywhere, and they’ve played a big role in helping Austin gain notoriety and a reputation as a city for locally-owned businesses. 

Check out the Austin Chronicle’s roundup of new, exciting CBD products featuring GRH’s PEARL lube here!


  • Peter says:

    My partner and I suffer from depression and anxiety. The medications we take can put a huge weight on our sex life at times. They are in the mood when I’m not and vice versa – it seems like our schedules never sync up. So we tried PEARL, then tried it again to make sure, and then again. Needless to say, it won’t leave the nightstand anytime soon.

  • Tony says:

    I never used lubrication, mainly because I wasn’t comfortable going to the store to purchase it. I always thought all eyes were on me. Then the pandemic hit, and I opened up to the possibility of ordering everything online. There is no judgment in an online checkout!

  • Jerry says:

    I just recently stumbled upon your product PEARL after doing a Google search of CBD-infused lubricants. There is no stickiness to this water-based lubricant, which takes away one of those big turnoffs once things start getting heated.

  • Randy says:

    Sitting and drinking my coffee one morning last summer, I came across this article in The Austin Chronicle. “CBD Stands for Self-Care” was bold on the page of my online newspaper. At the very top was Kemal Whyte, owner of Grassroots Harvest, and a picture of PEARL. Call me a skeptic, but I honestly thought that PEARL was a joke. Needless to say, PEARL is now considered essential and is always on the frontline.

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