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Art in Austin, Texas & CBD | Date Night with Weed!

With the pandemic finally letting us out, you might start looking for things to do this summer and how to make the most out of your renewed sense of freedom. While it’s a good idea to sip on these 7 CBD Infused Cocktails for the Summer or follow our how to use CBD for the Summer, consider visiting some of the best events in Austin during the summer! Austin is popular for its respect towards art. The art events in Austin are one of the most spectacular events on a global scale! Apart from music and film events, Austin offers lots of other options when it comes to enjoying the arts. Read on for events happening this summer in Austin, plus, a mini-section on using CBD to enhance your experience! Plus, at the end, we’ll go over some simple date night ideas that incorporate weed! 420 friendly, weed date ideas that are totally accessible and not too expensive!

#1 Prizer Arts & Letters: A Cartography of Solitude

Available through June 12, A Cartography of Solitude is a celebration of atmospheric photography captured by Stephen Pruitt. The installation will take place at Prizer Gallery. It will exhibit various places that Pruitt has photographed. The photographs will be illuminated every night between 8 and 11 pm. They can be viewed outside of the gallery! 

#2 Fallout Theater

Fallout Theater is Austin’s very own comedy club where comedy shows happen almost every week. Check out their website here to be the first to find out when the next show will be held! 

#3 The Contemporary Austin

The Contemporary Austin is the place to go if you’re a lover of contemporary arts. They are currently showing plenty of installations that will last till the end of the summer. Visit their website here to learn all about their current and upcoming events! 

#4 Texas Folklife

Access Delayed – African American Suffragist’s Courageous Influence On 19th Amendment is a recurring online event happening every Friday at 12:00 AM. The event will exhibit a collection of quilts made by African American quilters. It will serve to educate Austiners about the suffragists’ effort and fight to “gain the right to vote for ALL women with the ratification of the 19th Amendment though they remained disenfranchised until the Voting Rights Act of 1965.” 

#5 Paint with Pride

This event is nothing short of a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community during Pride Month. Lasting all through the month of June, Paint with Pride is a super cool free event that will take place at various locations in Austin. Check out all the details here!

CBD for Events

CBD gummies cbd peach rings art in austin texas

While we cannot wait for normal life to come back, some of us might have stress and anxiety about it. That may be especially true at public events where, even with the COVID-19 guidelines, many people might make you feel overwhelmed. If you’re anxious about having to be in a crowd but still want to go to art events Austin offers, grab some Grassroots Harvest CBD products to help you chill out and relax beforehand! 

CBD contains many properties that are potentially helpful to relax and de-stress without causing a high! Here are just a few of our suggestions to enjoy all the arts in Austin without the unnecessary stress & worry.

  1. CBD Capsules – Pop one or two CBD capsules of your choice before leaving home and get ready to have fun! 
  2. CBD Gummies – Unless the venue has strict rules about eating at the event, we can’t see a reason why you shouldn’t munch on some of our delicious CBD gummies! They’re packed with 15mg of CBD and are amazing for relaxing at a public event! 
  3. Austin Chronic CBD and Delta-8 Oil – What better way to celebrate Austin than our newest products made in collaboration with The Austin Chronicle? These oils are perfect for summer events that might require a small dose of chill. 
  4. CBD Flower – CBD flowers are perfect to just roll up and spark up at any open event that allows it!
  5. CBD for Pets – if you’re going to a public event with your pet, they might also feel as overwhelmed as yourself. Give them a CBD treat to calm their nerves and help them relax! 

Other Easy Weed-Related Date Ideas

As the world continues to open up and we continue to navigate the new normal, we decided to create a list of 7 perfect weed centered date ideas that would be perfect for just about any setting. These dates have been intricately designed to cater to just about any type of setting or personality. Feel free to enact them as is or tweak as needed to fit your special love story. 

Seven Awesome Ways to Date with Weed

Weed in the outdoors:

Whether it’s a leisure stroll to the beach or a picnic in the park or a hike to neighborhood woods, combining weed and the outdoors has always been great! Plus, it is one of the safest activities you can do now that lockdown is over. You can take time to sit and stargaze past nightfall, or just enjoy the clouds during the day. An added bonus is, if you are a pet-love, you can amplify the moment by bringing a pet along. For moments like this, consider products from our Delta 8 THC line, including our amazing vape cartridge perfect for use on the go or any of our yummy gummies.

Brunch with weed:

Let’s face it, you can rarely go wrong with brunch. There are very few things better than waking up to a healthy stuffing of pancakes, syrup and champagne before going back to bed by noon. You can create brunch at home or go to that special brunch place you’ve been saving for a special occasion. You can begin your day with our Chronic Kush Hemp Flower, or go for any of our yummy gummies as part of your dessert package. 

Netflix & weed!

Although this might seem pretty obvious, we thought it best to mention it regardless. Put out some scented candles, get some new blankets and create the cozy environment you both deserve. For this date, we recommend our yummy gummies, or infusing our hemp flower to make some great edibles. Combine this with a tasty cooked meal, where you could also try cannabis infusions to liven things up even further.

Weed with Art?

a crystal pipe holds hemp flower or weed for date night

Weed and art have a long and beautiful history together. From artists using the substance to create timeless pieces to galleries building custom cannabis centered experiences to heighten your experience with the art. Today, there are also virtual group painting classes that allow you bring weed to the process making for an even more amazing experience. So whether you choose to paint your own portrait or you want to simply enjoy art created by other artists over the years, you can never go wrong with infusing a bit of weed to heighten the entire experience 

Weed with some music:

Yes, another artistic expression you can partake in with weed. And the best part is, weed and music also have a long history together. From Snoop Dogg, Lenny Kravitz and so many other great musicians we cannot possibly put into this list.

Weed & wine:

We know this is somewhat of a controversial opinion. If you are looking for a new experience, this might just be a great one to try. Consider picking up some nice rosé or some pinot noir and pairing it with our hemp flower. 

Games night with weed!

Our last and final pick is probably one of our favorite group date activities! It’s perfect if you are looking for something to do with a large group of friends. You can arrange for each person to get their own gummy (you can chose between our multiple options) or you could just pick up some hemp flower for consumption during the night. From here on out, you need to load your favorite games up and have a great time with your friends.

We hope you enjoy these suggestions for an easy and fun date with weed!

Final Thoughts

We salute our event organizers that celebrate art in Austin whether they are exhibitions, music, film, or theater events. After all, culture is the most important part of any city, no matter how small or large it is! For any new events that we might have left out here, head over to The Austin Chronicle that always has the deets for every happening in Austin!

We hope you enjoy our other ideas for CBD and/or cannabis / weed dating! There are plenty of ways to incorporate weed into cute dates that would make any 420 fan happy!


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