D8 Minis- Delta 8 THC Gummies (10mg each/30pc)

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Mini Delta 8 THC gummies in a variety of flavors!

These delta 8 THC Mini gummies are a mix of four yummy flavors, with 10mg delta 8 THC each! That makes it easy to take the perfect dose, no matter how little- or how much- you need! 30 gummies per jar, so you can enjoy that beach-y feeling over & over again. D8 gummies are a super simple way to get the perfect dose each and every time.

Premium delta-8 THC Gummies from Grassroots Harvest.

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Our products, including gummies, ship from our lab in Austin, TX. In summer months, gummies may melt during the shipping process. We include ice packs with items that may melt, however these may not stay frozen throughout shipping. Gummies might arrive somewhat stuck together, however this does not impact how effective they are. Place gummies in the fridge for a few hours or overnight, and you should be able to separate the gummies from one another.

Gummies with 10mg of Delta-8 each. 10mg Gummies. 300mg total per jar.

Delta 8 THC Gummies Information:

D8 Mini Flavors are bright and beach-y, available in a blend of 4 delicious flavors!

Grape- A classic candy flavor comes to life in these d8 gummies- no artificial flavor here!

Green Apple- Granny Smith would approve of this tart and sweet flavor, Green Apple Delta 8 THC is sweet & sour.

Pineapple- Totally tropical and so fresh, the Pineapple gummies are a great juicy bite!

Strawberry-Watermelon- This wild combo is perfectly summery and tastes great!

What’s Delta 8 THC?

A cannabis compound that’s very similar to Delta 9 THC (the compound responsible for the ‘high’ feeling from cannabis, Delta 9 THC is federally illegal). Delta 8 THC is legal for sale in the U.S. due to the 2018 Farm Bill that legalized all hemp-derived cannabis compounds except for Delta 9 THC.

Because Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC are so similar, Delta 8 THC is able to provide similar (though slightly weaker) effects- mild euphoria, a sense of calm & relaxation, and a pleasant heady feeling are all characteristics of Delta 8 THC.

These are premium Delta-8 THC Gummies from Grassroots Harvest! Delta 8 THC is infused into these gummies for an effective & delicious treat. Each gummy holds 10mg of Delta 8 THC. With 30 gummies per jar, that means each bottle of delta-8 THC gummies has 300mg D8 total inside.

New to delta-8 or cannabis compounds in general? This product is a great starting point to those who are new to hemp compounds. Because there’s a consistent, relatively low dose of delta-8 per gummy, you know exactly what you’re getting with each dose. That makes it easy to go slow, or build your ideal dose with multiple gummies, if you’re a more seasoned fan. D8 mini gummies make it easy to enjoy delta-8 for every body!


Sugar, Corn syrup, Hemp Extract, Water, pectin, natural flavors and colors, Soy lecithin, Citric Acid


Chew and swallow 1-2 gummies as needed.

Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of direct sunlight and humidity.


Discomfort Relief, Sleep Aid, Nausea Relief, Stress Reduction, Mood Boosting, and More

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Delta 8 10mg Mini Gummy Potency

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    David P (verified owner)

    These are excellent. Seems like a sativa type because they pep you up a bit. Definitely recommend for people that dont want to be tired from thc.

  2. Avatar

    Jessica Lee (verified owner)

    Love these gummies! Have ordered from Grassroots Harvest 3 times so far – tried these and their honey gummies! Have gone thru 4 bottles- very chill and great for taking before yoga.

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