4 Ways To Celebrate 4/20 With CBD

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You know, CBD, the cannabis compound that won’t get you high- instead, CBD is known for beneficial properties that its proponents shout from the proverbial rooftops of the internet. People have found success using CBD for things like anxiety, pain relief, and as a sleep aid, so it’s no wonder that CBD has become The Little Compound That Could.

That’s why you should include CBD in your 4/20 festivities!

Sure, it may not have the psychoactive effects of its cousin compound THC, but that’s not really the point. You don’t take CBD to get stoned, you take it to feel better, naturally.

Here’s 4 ways to use CBD as part of your 4/20 celebration this year:

Roll A CBD Joint (Or 3!)

With our NEW premium CBD Flower, all your legal joint dreams can come true! We’ve got 4 different kinds of CBD Flower launching 4/19, and they all clock in well below the federal legal limit of under .3% THC. Try:

Space Candy, a sweet treat that’s known for instilling positive vibes and a bit of energy

Lifter, a citrus-y medley known for relaxing the body without dulling the mind

Silver Haze, an earthy strain that people say sparks creativity

The Sauce, a rich strain that may leave you feeling cozy and lazy- a little goes a long way!

Take Your CBD With You

The 4/20 party doesn’t have to stay in one place, and neither does your CBD! This year, when you take the show on the road, simply grab a CBD cartridge and go– it’s literally as easy as that. Our CBD cartridges hold 200mg of CBD, and come in two tasty flavors: Pineapple Express (fruity & fun) or Jamaican Skunk (earthy & chill).

Choose your flavor, pop your cartridge onto a vape pen, and take a walk through the park, explore a new part of your city, or take your cartridge to a friend’s 4/20 party! 

Not a fan of CBD cartridges, or maybe you already have a vape?

We sell CBD tinctures that are made to be added to a vape tank!

That’s right, our 150mg and 350mg CBD tinctures were designed to work perfectly in sub-ohm vape tanks with regular vape juice! These CBD tinctures are flavorless, so they won’t change the flavor of your favorite juice one bit. Mix about ½ vape juice with ½ CBD tincture in your tank as a good starting place, and adjust ratios from there!

Eat ALL the CBD!

Edible delights should always be a big part of 4/20 in our book, and CBD-filled snacks are kind of all the rage right now.

Here’s some of our favorite ways to add a dose of CBD to food & drinks:

CBD Cocktails

We love mixing CBD into our cocktails! Some people have said that the combo of CBD and alcohol helps them stay level-headed even after a drink or two, and CBD has been shown to help lower anxiety levels, which can be helpful for social situations.

Find some of our favorite CBD cocktail recipes here!

CBD Honey

We have 3 different kinds of CBD honey:

Soothe CBD Honey with Granddaddy Purple – Inspire CBD Honey with White Widow – Harmony CBD Honey with Sour Diesel

Mix one of these bad boys into your tea, spread some on a slice of toast, or eat some straight off the spoon- when it comes to celebrating 4/20, you don’t have to be fancy about it.

Buuut- if you do want to be fancy, can we recommend this recipe for CBD honey chimichurri? Chimichurri goes great with so many dishes, and the CBD goes great with just about everything!

This 4/20, let CBD guide the way to a stress-free summer.

We hope you have a great & safe 4/20!

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