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Will Delta 10 Test Positive For THC

With the evolving market of cannabis and users’ preferences, Delta-10 THC has taken center stage due to its mild effects. Cannabis users often say that they do not experience as much ‘high’ as consuming the natural THC or Delta-8.

Even though Delta-10 THC is all the hype in the cannabis world, plenty of research is needed. THC itself is a potent compound that is responsible for giving the user a feeling of euphoria. But in the case of Delta-10 THC, it is lower in potency than its kind, making it pretty famous.

Employers may often ask you to get a drug test prior to joining the organization. However, the results also depend on how much you have taken the drug and for how long. So, this leads to our main question: can you fail a drug test on Delta 10?

These drug tests cannot differentiate between the kinds of THC you have taken. Instead, it looks at the cannabinoid metabolites present in the given sample. And each drug test has a different time frame for detecting THC within your body.

Disclaimer: This is an explanatory article and the views are not meant as medical or legal advice. You must consult a general physician pertaining to any medication involving cannabinoids.

What Is Delta-10?

Although less potent than either Delta-9 or Delta-8 THC, Delta-10 has become famous in the cannabis world because of this. It doesn’t occur naturally, and neither does any hemp-derived CBD compound.

Cannabis users also mention that it causes less ‘high’ than Delta-8 THC, although concrete research is required. However, the effects remain the same. In addition, Delta-10 THC is more similar to sativa than the indigo strain. People consume Delta-10 because they want to stay focused and increase their creativity.

Another stark difference between Delta-10 and other Delta THCs is the level of refinement. It is a tedious task to refine Delta-10; therefore, products may not contain 99% of this compound. Despite that, it is pretty safe to use in tinctures, vape carts, and gummies.

Delta-10 requires more research, and evidence is needed to back certain claims. Nevertheless, it has become quite the rage in the recreational and medicinal worlds.

Does Delta 10 Show Up On A Drug Test?

Despite being less potent than Delta-8 or Delta-9, drug tests will still show positive results when you consume Delta-10. The most common form of cannabis drug testing involves taking a urine sample.

Cannabis drug testing assesses how much of the metabolite THC COOH is present in the body. It is a metabolite that is created when you consume cannabis. Moreover, it stays longer in your system. Since it is not absorbed in water and is fat-soluble, it is stored in our fat cells. Therefore, THC COOH is not responsible for inducing a “high’, but rather is just our body’s response to cannabis consumption.

The best way to not come out positive is to curtail cannabis use for a week or two. However, you can also use detox kits to clear out the signs of cannabis use from your system. If you are developing a serious case of substance abuse, contact your local hospital or rehabilitation center.

How Long Does Delta-10 THC Stay In The System?

Delta-10 THC has a slightly different makeup than its naturally occurring sibling. It’s the position of the chemical bond in the carbon chain that distinguishes it from Delta 9 and Delta 8. Therefore, it will stay in your system like any other THC compound.

Almost immediately, you will start feeling its effect once you take it. It stays for about 30 days in your system, give or take. It doesn’t matter if you have not taken marijuana for the past week; it is still present inside you. However, its detection using drug testing depends on the type of test.

Can you pass a drug test on Delta 10? The answer is negative. As mentioned above, the test measures the content of THC present in your system and has nothing to do with the kind of THC compound taken.

What Kind Of Drug Testing Is Involved?

Delta 10 drug test involves a sample of your blood, urine, saliva, or hair. You can be asked to get a drug test by your employer or for athletic training. In most cases, it is the urine sample that determines if you have taken THC or not.

Type of Sample Detection Window
SalivK Within 24 hours
Urine Up to 3 days
Blood Up to 7 days
Hair Up to 90 days

While some states have classified certain cannabis strains as legal for recreational purposes, substance abuse in the form of marijuana has become a major concern in the workplace. Therefore, the most common substance found in workplace drug testing is marijuana.

Testing by hair follicle is not a common practice when it comes to checking drugs in your system. However, you may be required to run this kind of test if it involves lifting heavy machinery. Meanwhile, drug testing via urine can detect the effects of cannabis for the past seven days. Therefore, detox your body by using detox kits or cut back on their use for several weeks prior to the testing day.

Delta 10 vs Delta-8 Drug Test:

It is highly likely that you will fail the drug test whether you have taken Delta 10 or Delta 8. Traces of the THC content remain in our bodies for 90 days or above. It takes time for the traces to fade away.

Despite Delta 10 being less potent than Delta 8, the results will not change. Therefore, you must take precautions when consuming the drug.

Legal Status Of Delta-10:

A 1976 study done by Dr. Ernest Small and Arthur Cronquist distinguished high-THC-content plants from the lower ones. They mention that the content of THC must be 0.3% or lower for it to be classified as a low-THC cannabis.

Nowadays, the threshold is used to differentiate between hemp and marijuana plants. Simply put, those plants with THC less than or equal to 0.3% are called hemp, while those with THC greater than this threshold are called marijuana.

However, medicinal marijuana has quite a bit of relevance, which holds the possibility of it being cultivable and a legal commercial crop. Medicinal marijuana usually has about 5%–30% THC in it.

The 2018 Farm Bill has put a question mark on its legality and commercial status. Since Delta-10 THC products are hemp-derived, this somehow bypasses restrictions. In addition, some states do not shy away from making its cultivation and sale legal.

Key Takeaways

The THC compound is what makes the marijuana plant infamous because it gets you high. Through variations and experiments, the cannabis world has come up with a low-high-inducing compound, Delta 10.

However, this doesn’t mean you can get away with the Delta 10 drug test. You will still come out positive if you have taken the drug recently. In addition, it also depends on when you consumed the drug, as each test has a varying detection window.

Hair follicle testing can detect THC for up to 90 days. Meanwhile, a urine test has a detection window of 7 days. Normally, urine testing is preferred over other methods.

Despite its legal status, delta-10 THC continues to be famous in the medicinal and cannabis worlds. What’s better than not getting too high and getting the same benefits as the other Delta THCs at the same time?

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