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Holistic Lifestyle

Why Go Holistic? The Benefits of a Holistic Lifestyle

Let’s talk about holistic wellness and health! Holistic wellness goes by a lot of names, the most popular one being alternative medicine. In general, it’s a term for a lifestyle that treats the human being as a whole, rather than as separate parts to be ‘treated’ or ‘cured’. Holistic wellness is not exactly a breakthrough or a phenomenon; it has been around since the beginning of humanity, and its roots travel deep in history. Recently, it’s beginning to make a comeback. Especially during the pandemic, when people are looking for all-natural methods of feeling better on a deeper, more meaningful scale. For all the answers to the questions you might be having, read on and learn why you should go holistic! 

What Holistic Wellness Means to Us

The holistic approach to medicine is what defines us as a brand; we strive to make CBD products that will not only be affordable and of the highest quality but will also be as close to their natural state as possible. We’re firm believers that, to some extent, nature deserves the adjective ‘cure-all’ more than anything else.

After all, nature is everywhere around us. When we’re feeling down, we go outside and enjoy in the wonderful scenery that nature has to offer; when we’re feeling a cold coming on, we brew natural herbal teas and eat soups. We eat veggies, meat, and spices that all come from nature. Nature dictates what happens and is a large part of the human experience, but we are also part of nature. Together with nature, we form a whole – this is what holistic wellness is all about. We have a way of curing nature the same way she has a way of curing us. Turning to holistic practices means connecting with a part of yourself that is perhaps suppressed due to the burdens of life. 

Why Go Holistic?

If you’re looking for the answer to the question ‘why go holistic?’, take a look at the whole picture – nature is connected and when one thing suffers, so do others. The same goes for our bodies and minds; when we feel discomfort in one part, chances are it will spread, sooner or later. Holistic wellness attempts to bring the body to a state of harmony through natural, pure methods without modifications or synthetic materials. Purity is a large factor – holistic wellness is clean and its purpose is to clean or purify the body. 

This is certainly not an excuse to bash Western medicine and all that it has to offer. Holistic means embracing everything that does good to your body, mind, and soul. While it’s true that most holistic health advocates believe that the natural, traditional approach to healing is acceptable, we do feel that, as with everything else, it all comes down to a matter of personal preference. Holistic medicine and wellness are certainly fantastic, but they do come with their own pros and cons. What works for one person may not work for another. Listening to your body and its needs are key to embracing a holistic lifestyle. 

CBD and Holistic Wellness

The cannabinoid CBD can also be a remarkable addition to your holistic lifestyle because it holds many properties to potentially promote well-being. CBD has been shown to have potential benefits, though more research is needed to know what CBD is capable of. Some include anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, improving sleep patterns, good for the skin and the gut, brain-health, and might minimize discomfort. What we do know for certain is that holistic wellness strives to prevent, not treat discomfort. CBD might be the perfect natural supplement to opt for if you’re delving into the world of holistic wellness.

Starting your day with a few CBD gummies or capsules might minimize stress during the day. Similarly, drinking a cup of herbal tea with CBD honey before sleeping may benefit your sleep health, which is important for well-being. Yet another positive aspect of implementing CBD into your lifestyle is its properties when CBD is applied topically. CBD oils, lotions, and salves might help with tension or discomfort.
Grassroots Harvest CBD products were made with holistic wellness in mind; all of our products are completely natural and of supreme quality. Whether you’re starting your journey with holistic wellness or you’re already familiar with it, we offer CBD products for everyone! 

More Present Than You Think

Getting a good night’s sleep, drinking water, getting more exercise and sunlight, and eating healthy food. They’re all things we hear so often that they’re starting to feel old and even a bit annoying. With hectic schedules and busy lives, it’s nearly impossible to finish the things we’ve assigned for ourselves and still devote time to self-care. After all, a day is only 24 hours long.

While maximized productivity and constant business seem doable, the body can only handle so much before burning out. Burnout is hard and makes us feel more miserable because we can’t handle simple tasks that we used to do. So, when burnout does happen, we take our time to rest for a bit before going back to our work-and-stress-filled days. That’s exactly what holistic wellness is all about!

If you think about it, doctors should work holistically, too. Doctors should aim to treat their patients as a whole rather than giving them a prescription without asking further questions. This means that holistic wellness is everywhere around us and is certainly more present than we might think. A holistic lifestyle is not impossible to adopt. It takes a bit of time and education, but once you go holistic, it’s truly a gift that keeps on giving! 

The Pros of Holistic Wellness

There are hundreds of major benefits of holistic wellness that come to our mind as we are writing this blog. Narrowing them all down to a simple list would be an impossible task. There are, however, a few key pros that deserve to be mentioned, such as:

  • Improves sleep, mood, outlook on life, and relationships with people. When you treat your body as a whole, everything inside of it improves. As human beings, we all want to avoid pain and feel good as much as possible. Along with Western medicine, holistic wellness can also help achieve this on a greater level.
  • Its cheaper. Holistic medicine/wellness are things that come from nature. Natural ingredients and methods of healing are generally less expensive than some synthetic options on the market. 
  • Its meant to prevent, not treat. What we especially adore about holistic wellness is that it helps prevent any discomfort before its onset because of the way you’re treating your body. When you give your body and mind love and nurture, they give back – always!

The Cons of Holistic Wellness

While we’re fond of holistic wellness, we still feel that it’s necessary to mention that it comes with some disadvantages. Having said that, here are some of the most important cons that holistic wellness has:

  • It takes time to ‘see results’. Holistic wellness is so much more than a simple change to lifestyle, and what usually disappoints people is the fact that it takes a lot of time, effort, and educating yourself on the matter to really learn how to listen to your body and make the most out of the natural methods you might be using. 
  • Its not an instant solution. This drawback is closely related to the first one, but holistic wellness makes it a bit hard to get rid of any discomfort in just a few minutes. For example, aromatherapy might help chronic headaches and general discomfort, but it takes a lot of time to achieve this. Many people find that they’re better off with clear-cut solutions.
  • Could be dangerous without proper education on the matter. As with anything else, too much of something can do more harm than good. That’s especially true if using natural treatments that don’t work for your body or interact with each other. Another point to be made here is that not everything that is natural is safe; some natural ingredients are toxic and are not meant to be consumed. This is why in-depth education on the matter of holistic wellness is extremely important – do your research beforehand!

Final Thoughts

Holistic wellness consistently proves itself to be an amazing, alternative option to finding harmony within yourself and treating your body as a whole. However, some people are simply not that into holistic wellness and would always choose Western medicine to help with their discomfort – and that’s totally okay! We believe that there is a solution for everyone out there, and not everything can work for everyone – as long as you’re listening to your body and feeling good, that’s all that matters!

We are not medical professionals and the information in this blog is not meant as medical advice.


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