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Nimo Sleep Gummies with a blend of Delta-8 THC and a variety of beneficial botanicals.

This is the Sleep version of Nimo Gummies- these gummies are ready for a good night’s sleep, and you will be too, thanks to the combination of melatonin and delta-8 THC inside.

  • 20 Gummies – 10mg Δ8 THC each
  • Flavor: Wild Berry
  • Beneficial Ingredients: Delta-8 THC, Melatonin, L-Theanine, Chamomile, Passion Flower, Lemon Balm
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    Nimo SLEEP Gummies Details:

    Nimo SLEEP Gummies are made with Delta-8 THC and melatonin for the ultimate relaxation edible. Designed to end troubled sleep, these gummies are soothing & tasty. Shop Nimo brand Sleep gummies from Grassroots Harvest at affordable prices.

    10mg Delta-8 THC per gummy. 20 gummies per jar. 200mg Delta-8 THC total.

    Mixed berry flavor is sweet and fruity without being too artificial.

    Ingredients & What They Do:

    • Delta-8 THC: Feel a sense of comfort and ease before going to sleep. Less psychoactive than delta-9 products. May improve stress. Enhances mental clarity & wellbeing.
    • Melatonin: A naturally occurring hormone that benefits sleep.
    • L-Theanine: Key component that helps support your mitochondria.
    • Botanicals: Chamomile, Passion Flower, and Lemon Balm have been used for centuries to help body and mind.

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