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How Quickly Do You See Results With CBD Oil?

CBD Oil is making everyone its fan as a wellness product as it not only has a multitude of health benefits and also has low levels of THC -meaning you won’t get high with it. 

If you are planning to start using this product, one question that might be bothering you would be how quickly you can see results with CBD oil. The users need to know all the aspects of every health product before taking it, so they can make an informed decision about using it or not. 

How Does CBD Oil Work In The Human Body? 

Before starting to talk about the reaction time of CBD oil, it is significant to understand its mechanism of action and how it works in the human body. 

CBD oil is an oil that is made by using cannabidiol extracted from hemp or cannabis plants. There are also some other cannabinoids and compounds like terpenes and flavonoids, which are present in it in varying compositions. Moreover, it has no psychoactive properties as it contains only a small amount of THC that again is processed to further reduce its percentage to 0.3% -the amount of THC allowed in cannabis products in the US on the federal level. 

When you take CBD oil, it enters your bloodstream and reaches the Endocannabinoid System -also known as ECS. This system transmits signals throughout the body to maintain homeostasis with the help of two types of cannabinoid receptors- CB1 (present in the central nervous system) and CB2 (present in the peripheral nervous system). 

When something goes wrong in the human body, CBD (a cannabinoid) present in the CBD oil travels to these receptors and helps to regulate normal function. Unlike THC, CBD also interacts with other types of receptors (like dopamine, opioid, and serotonin receptors) that broaden its effects. According to a study, CBD can help in the regulation of 15 body functions like discomfort, mood, appetite, metabolism, sleep, stress, and many more.

How Long Does It Take For CBD Oil To Kick In?

Well, there is no simple answer to this question as there are several factors that come into play when talking about the time it takes to see results with CBD oil bundle. Some people claim to feel the effects rather quickly within a few hours, while other people report experiencing positive effects after using the oil for several weeks consistently. 

The way CBD oil affects you might be different than that of other people, as everyone’s body chemistry and physiology varies. Your body mass index (BMI), metabolism, eating habits, and whatnot greatly influence the duration it takes for this product to kick in completely. 

The potency of CBD is an important factor -as stronger the product, the quicker will be the effects. Also, how you consume it impacts the responsive time of CBD oil. There are various ways to use it like you can take it orally, apply on your skin, or even vape it. 

Factors Influencing The Duration Of CBD Oil To Work

As we have already mentioned that several factors impact the reaction time, let us discuss those factors in detail to better understand the concept behind it. 

Method Of Ingestion 

One of the most important factors in dealing with it is how you use CBD oil. The reason for this is the amount of CBD that can enter the circulatory system to produce an active reaction in the body, which is also known as bioavailability. A higher percentage of bioavailability can mean that higher amounts of CBD enter the bloodstream and more quickly the effects can be produced in the body. 

There are many ways to consume this product. Here are some:


There are various ways to use CBD oil orally like you can use CBD oil capsules. Although the gut has a slow absorption and degradation rate of these capsules -as it takes place in the acidic environment of the stomach, it might take 2-4 hours for it to begin showing any results.  

You can also take CBD oil with food. It may take up to 1 hour to produce any effects, which is not bad considering you are also getting to fill up your belly along with enjoying the benefits of almost tasteless CBD oil. 


CBD oil drops or tinctures can be used by placing them under the tongue. It is a much faster method than swallowing it through the mouth.

It has high bioavailability and quicker response time, as the CBD gets absorbed instantly through the thin mucus membrane containing lots of blood vessels. This way, CBD can reach the blood directly to produce the effects super fast. It might take only 1-2 hours to see the results with this method. 


The topical application of CBD oil usually refers to applying or rubbing it on the skin. It induces only local effects that usually have results on the area of the skin it is applied to. Therefore, its response time is rather quicker than most of the other methods of usage. 


CBD oil can also be smoked or vaped. These are one of the fastest ways to produce the effects, as inhaling the vapors can easily move through the nostrils to the lungs and produce strong effects in less time. 

Lungs have permeable walls that can easily allow the passage of it to the other body systems through the blood. Nonetheless, you can feel the peak effects of CBD oil kick in as early as 3 minutes after smoking or vaping it.

Strength And Dosage

Strength greatly influences the response time of CBD oil. The larger the amount of CBD is present in the oil, the quicker the results. Similarly, if you are taking high-potency CBD for a longer period, it will also have similar consequences as consistency makes the effects appear faster. 

Although CBD oil dosage doesn’t directly impact the time for effects to produce, people using high dosages for a long time will feel the impact of the oil quickly. 

Regardless, for new users, it is considered best to start with low dosages and then gradually increase them to not feel overwhelmed all of a sudden. 

Quality Of CBD Oil

Good quality CBD that is pure and extracted from naturally grown hemp plants produces health effects rather quickly. As the CBD market is huge in the US, it is not regulated as it should be. This has resulted in several brands producing subpar CBD products. 

There are many products containing lots of impurities and adulterations that cause the quality of CBD oil to reduce immensely. Moreover, as hemp plants are also bioaccumulators, they are known to absorb all kinds of impurities, heavy metals, pesticides, and toxins. 

Third-party lab testing is a good way to ensure that the extract used to make CBD is free from all kinds of impurities and that CBD oil that is produced as an end product is of the highest and purest quality. 

Individual’s Body Physiology

If you and your friend are using CBD oil at the same time, in the same quantity, and using the same method of intake; you both still might not feel the effects kicking in at the same time. 

It is because of the different body chemistry and physiology of the two individuals. As no two persons are the same, the time it takes for the effects to produce will also not be the same. 

Some of the particulars related to human physiology that greatly influence this duration are the following: 

Body Weight  

CBD is fat soluble and stored in fat deposits present in the human body. Therefore, in people having more body weight, it is likely that the amount of fats will also be more. 

It means that the person with more weight will store more CBD than the leaner ones and hence, will also have slower effects as it will get released from the adipose tissue over a longer period. 


Human body metabolism is all about how quickly your body can break down the compounds you consume. The higher the metabolism rate, the faster decomposition of  CBD oil can take place in the body, which can likely produce results more quickly. 

However, faster metabolism also means that the effects will also vanish as quickly, as CBD won’t stay in your system for long. 

Other Bio-physiological Factors

Some other bio-physiological factors like gut health, genetics, endocannabinoid system balance, or the presence of any underlying health condition are also important as they determine the duration of reaction time of CBD oil. 

For instance, CBD oil when taken orally gets absorbed through the small intestines. Your gut should be in good health to digest the oil quickly. This might also help in producing the effects in a minimum duration. 


CBD oil is becoming quite the rage within the health and wellness community, as users report feeling many benefits from its usage. 

Although it is quite effective in producing results in minimal time, it mostly depends on several factors like how you are taking the product, how much CBD oil you are taking, your body chemistry and physiology, and whatnot. 

Nonetheless, to get the maximum benefits out of this product, it is important to start with a low dosage of good quality CBD oil that is lab tested by a third party and free of any adulterations. Observe closely how it is affecting you and then gradually increato get the maximum benefits out of this product, it is important to start with a low dosage of good quality CBD oil that is lab tested by a third party and free of any adulterationsse the dosage till you reach the amount that has the desired impact on your body and health. 

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