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CBD For College Finals- How CBD Might Help Get You Through

If you’re a student, then you’ll have to agree there’s nothing more stressful than your college finals. Jamming hundreds of pages into your brain is hard enough, and with the pandemic, many students find themselves more burnt out than usual. As students are preparing for their finals, many of them opt for gallons of coffee and energy drinks, calorie-dense food, and long, sleepless nights to make sure they cram as much material as they can. But, an option that we’re sure not many students have considered is CBD. CBD may be an incredible supplement to use when you’re feeling stressed, tired, and burnt out from college. To learn more about the link between CBD and those college finals that are getting closer every day, keep reading! 

Stress in Students

Right now, more than ever before, high school and college students are under immense pressure. Keeping up with the material, studying effectively, getting enough sleep, and taking care of their physical and mental health, all while being the COVID-19 pandemic goes on. This kind of stress can definitely take its toll on one’s mental health. A recent study on effects of COVID-19 on college students’ mental health interviewed 195 students at a public university to see how the pandemic affected them. Out of 195, 71% of them reported they have experienced increased levels of stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic. That in turn brings a negative impact on the quality of their education and their ability to handle academic pressure. 

This finding brings us to the subject of our blog – CBD and college finals. There are hundreds of ways to cope with student stress that might work for some people. When it comes to using CBD, many students are not familiar with its benefits. Let’s see how CBD may benefit studying, putting your mind at ease to perform better at finals!

What is CBD?

If you’re new to the CBD community, you might not be familiar with the term CBD and what it means. CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, one of the main components of the cannabis plant. When we speak about the cannabis (hemp) plant, the first thought that comes to mind to most people is THC. But unlike THC, which is responsible for causing the ‘high’ feeling people get from consuming marijuana, CBD is different. It is non-psychoactive, meaning it won’t get you high. This difference also lies in the fact that they interact with different receptors of the endocannabinoid system (ECS). As one of the most popular components of hemp, CBD holds powerful properties that are being studied more every day. It is also federally legal, unlike THC. 

Have more questions about CBD and how to use it? Head over to our FAQ section or our blog!

How to Use CBD to Relax During Your Finals

Although the cannabis plant might be beneficial and relaxing for some, the THC content makes it harder to study. CBD, as we mentioned above, is non-psychoactive, meaning that it offers some pros of the cannabis plant, minus the high. This makes CBD an amazing supplement for relaxing and de-stressing during your finals week. 

CBD is known for the potential ability to reduce stress by stimulating neurotransmitters such as serotonin (the happiness hormone). Stress over long periods of time can be detrimental to the brain for a number of reasons. These factors show that CBD-infused products might be a good solutions for exam stress, especially during finals week. 

So, where do CBD and finals meet and how can you use CBD to stay calm and focused for exams? There are plenty of ways to implement CBD in your routine, but here are some of our favorite ones:

How To Use CBD

cbd for stress cbd for college finals
  • Tea & CBD Honey – there’s nothing more soothing than a warm cup of tea sweetened with natural CBD honey to help you feel inspired, relaxed, and fully ready for your exam session. Looking for suggestions? Try our Inspire CBD Honey made with White Widow terpenes which are known for being anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory and for increasing focus and productivity, two things that are very much needed during finals week!
  • CBD Topicals – CBD-infused lotions and oils are a great way to relax and soothe your body from all the tension and stress you might be feeling while you’re studying. Next time you’re studying, take a quick break to quickly give yourself a nice massage using one of our salves, lotions, or roll-ons. The difference is incredible!
  • CBD Gummies – sugar levels may quickly drop when you’re dealing with exam stress, and the best way to replenish your body and relax your mind is by chewing on some delicious CBD-infused gummies! With 15mg per gummy, they contain just the right amount of CBD to help you de-stress and chill out – and they’re super tasty, too!
  • CBD Capsules – our CBD capsules contain 25mg/CBD each and are one of the best ways to stay relaxed when on-the-go! Popping a CBD capsule in the morning is a good way to ground yourself and keep focused during the day. 
  • CBD Tinctures – if you’re not a huge fan of the earthy flavor & aroma of CBD, we offer plenty of different naturally-flavored CBD tinctures that are easy to use and taste heavenly! These tinctures really come in handy during finals week – just spray a few pumps and let the CBD do its magic! 

Final Thoughts

Getting rid of exam stress during finals week might seem like an impossible task, but with the right CBD products, you can make it at least a little bit easier! Finding some peace & calm will not only help you perform better on your exams but is also extremely beneficial to your mental health in the long run. Do you use Grassroots Harvest CBD for studying and does using CBD for college finals week help? If so, let us know how you implement it into your study routine! 

*The statements made in this article are purely informational and should not be taken as a form of medical advice. If facing serious anxiety disorders, consult a doctor before deciding on using CBD.


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