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CBD for Athletes

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As every athlete knows, stress is what moves competition forward. Stress in training prepares the body for the rigors of competition, and stress in competition can sharpen the mind and hone decision-making.

However, stress has an ugly side, too. The physical and mental toll that stress has on the body and mind can be immense, and athletes’ goals should be to maximize the positive effects of stress while minimizing the negatives. 

CBD can be a valuable tool in an athlete’s arsenal, helping them to recover faster in order to be their best, most competitive selves.

CBD For Athletes: The Basics Of CBD

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a cannabinoid found in cannabis. However, unlike THC, which is another cannabinoid found in cannabis, CBD is not psychoactive and will not get users high.

While research on the effects of CBD for athletes has been significantly stunted due to marijuana’s longtime Schedule I legal status, fresh research has begun to link the human body’s endocannabinoid system (endo=”internal”) and exercise. In fact, there’s mounting evidence that the “runner’s high” is heavily influenced by increased activity in the endocannabinoid system.

Intense exercise has a significant impact on the brain’s ability to maintain neurotransmitter equilibrium, and supplementing with CBD may improve the brain’s ability to maintain neurotransmitter homeostasis and even impact the body’s ability to reduce inflammation.

4 Benefits Of CBD For Athletes

  1. Improved Sleep Quality

Sleep and recovery are arguably more important than training, as the body and mind need adequate time to replenish crucial fuel stores and to make neural connections. There are many anecdotal reports that athletes use CBD oil to improve sleep quality and decrease recovery time.

  1. Reduced Inflammation

CBD may help to decrease the inflammatory response of cells to intense workouts. Not only will this help prevent inflammation build up in vulnerable places like joints, but it may help suppress the immune system’s response to intense workouts too, decreasing the risk of illness.

  1. Alleviates Discomfort

There are many promising studies that show the link between THC and the alleviation of discomfort among athletes. And while the use of CBD for athletes and discomfort alleviation is relatively unexamined, there are many anecdotal reports of CBD’s ability to help reduce discomfort in athletes.

  1. Alternative To NSAIDs & Opioids

NSAIDs and opioids have become normalized in our society. While the risk of addiction is clear in opioids, there is increasing evidence that NSAIDs too are unhealthy and that athletes should do their best to stay away from them, making CBD an excellent alternative.

CBD For Athletes: How To Use CBD

Edible Vs. Topical

Athletes can either ingest their CBD or use it topically depending on the desired effects. Topical CBD takes effect quickly and lasts roughly 2-3 hours, while edible CBD must be processed by the digestive system. This means edible CBD takes 30-60 minutes to take effect and lasts roughly 6-8 hours. If you place CBD oil under the tongue (sublingual), effects should be noticeable within 5-10 minutes as it is absorbed quickly & enters the bloodstream.

Full-Spectrum Vs. Isolate

CBD is available as “full-spectrum” and “isolate”. Full-spectrum CBD contains CBD along with various other beneficial cannabinoids. However, full-spectrum CBD will also contain THC. This is why it’s important to ensure full-spectrum CBD comes from hemp, as the THC content in full-spectrum CBD derived from hemp is .3% or less.

CBD isolate contains only CBD, and is a great choice for athletes in careers that have a zero-tolerance drug policy and cannot risk even the slightest hint of THC in their test results.

CBD For Athletes: CBD Dosage

As with many things, there is no one-size-fits-all CBD dosage. And because CBD is not particularly well regulated, doses can vary between products and, in the case of edibles, even between products in the same bag (e.g. gummies).

With that said, doses typically come in the 5mg-25mg range, and athletes using CBD should start with a lower dosage and work their way up to assess their tolerance. 

Wrap Up

CBD edibles and CBD oil for athletes could create a seismic shift in the way athletes perform and recover. It’s important to remember, however, that CBD use is out ahead of science, and it is still the “wild west” when it comes to regulated products. 

Thus, in order to avoid buying low-quality CBD or THC-heavy CBD oil, a best practice is to purchase only from respected, reputable brands with a track record of success. 

Grassroots Harvest is a respected CBD distributor that sources CBD from reputable farmers you can trust. We ensure all of our high-quality products are sourced ethically, and that the ingredients match exactly what the bottle states.

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Grassroots Harvest is a partner for athletes everywhere, and our CBD helps them recover so they can get back in the game sooner. 

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