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CBD Education

CBD and Diabetes

The medical community is beginning to take notice of all the incredible potential CBD has to ease symptoms of a wide variety of modern ailments. From easing insomnia to helping curtail social anxiety, people take CBD for a whole host of issues.

Recently, the focus of CBD’s therapeutic effects has been directed toward diabetes. Research on the relationship between CBD and diabetes continues to grow, and many believe CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties may be the key to unlocking the full potential CBD has to treat diabetes symptoms.

The best CBD products are made using hemp in order to ensure no cross-contamination with THC occurs, so everyone from athletes to everyday individuals experiencing joint pain can safely take CBD for its anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD’s Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Cannabinoids, including CBD, are believed to possess anti-inflammatory properties1. There is mounting evidence in the scientific community that inflammation plays a significant role in many of the ailments we experience, and that combatting this inflammation could contribute to a monumental shift on global health.

One of the ways CBD reduces inflammation is by inhibiting an enzyme called COX25, similar to what NSAID medications do. CBD also appears to affect cytokines, which are small proteins that help cells effectively communicate. 

By actively reducing the effects of proinflammatory cytokines, CBD may be able to reduce inflammation, too.

Inflammation And Diabetes

It is important to remember that diabetes is an incredibly complex disease, and that Grassroots Harvest does not make any scientific claims as to the efficacy of CBD in the sense of a proven medical treatment for diabetes.

Rather, we draw on previous medical studies that point to the role of inflammation in diabetes and CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects.

Grassroots Harvest does not lay claim to any medical expertise, and we highly advise anyone interested in trying CBD to first consult their doctor and determine if it’s right for them.

The medical community has long speculated that inflammation plays an important role in diabetes2. The idea that inflammation contributes to insulin resistance has gained momentum in the last several years3, so this naturally leads to the question; do CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties lead it to be a viable option to treat diabetes symptoms?

While there aren’t a substantial number of studies on this topic, the few that have looked at the benefits of CBD for diabetes seem promising. The doctor credited with discovering CBD, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, has also discovered that the body has endocannabinoid receptors all over, not just in the brain.

This means CBD can potentially reduce inflammation throughout the body, and if there is indeed a strong link between inflammation and diabetes, the ability for CBD to reduce inflammation could lead to a breakthrough treatment for diabetes.

CBD And Blood Sugar

It’s important to remember that any link between CBD and blood sugar remains to be seen, largely due to a lack of testing4. With that said, there may well be a connection between the endocannabinoid system and the body’s ability to regulate insulin4. However, there are currently no studies directly linking CBD to insulin regulation, which means currently, the primary means by which CBD can potentially treat diabetes symptoms is through reducing inflammation.

The Benefits Of CBD Oil For Diabetes

With more research, the link between CBD and Diabetes 2, along with CBD and Diabetes 1, continues to support the idea that CBD may become a viable option for treating symptoms of diabetes such as inflammation. And as more tests are planned for the near future, the link between products like CBD oil and diabetes continues to strengthen, and we hope to someday see this miracle alkaloid used to treat a wide variety of ailments.

If you have questions about whether CBD is right for you, please consult your doctor.


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