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Best Herbs for Focus- A Blog

In today’s landscape, being stressed and feeling fatigued is almost always a norm. This has caused millions of people to venture out in search of organic and healthy options. Dealing with stress and keeping energy levels going without any negative side effects is a big goal. We have compiled a list of our favorite herbs that’ll give you that much needed boost in focus without side effects. 

Everyone knows about coffee, but what are some alternatives for focus?

Herbs for Focus:


According to researchers, by simply smelling the aroma of peppermint oil, water mint and spearmint hybrid can increase your energy and alertness levels. This incredible herb has also been known to reduce fatigue and memory sharpness. A study was done with 144 people who were exposed to peppermint essential oil. The results saw an increase in memory retention and general alertness levels. 

Peppermint is generally safe to use. It is important to note that like almost every other substance, ingesting too much peppermint could be dangerous. 


Another amazing herb with a very pleasant smell. The aroma of the oil may help cognitive performance. It does this by enabling the flow of terpenes into the bloodstream from where it can begin to go into the brain. According to a study done with 20 users, exposure to rosemary essential oil caused an improved performance on cognitive tasks. This included tasks that had to do with speed and accuracy. 


A good thing to know about guarana is that it’s a very common ingredient in making energy drinks and supplements. The chemicals it contains are: caffeine, tannins, saponins which improves brain function and energy levels. Other studies have also found that guarana extract also leads to an increase in memory performance, alertness and attention levels. 

Within another study done with 10 athletes, guarana potentially caused a reduction in exertion and increase cognitive performance and athletic performance. And although Guarana is safe to use, It is however important to note that like with almost every other substance, consuming too much could be harmful to your body. 


Odds are, you have heard of ginseng at least once in your life. Probably the most popular herb on this list, it has famed energy-boosting properties that also stimulate brain function. It’s a must have in the world of athletes and other professionals seeking to improve mental and athletic performance. 

Known to contain compounds including but not limited to ginsenosides, eleutherosides, and ciwujianosides. These may provide users with the performance and energy enhancing effects. 

With ginseng however, it is important that we mention that ginseng use must be subjected to oversight by a medical professional. It may have a less than favorable reaction with common medication like heard disease, depression and diabetes medication.


Sage, or known by its scientific name ‘Salvia’ may have cognitive enhancing effects in adults. High in numerous plant compounds including but not limited to luteolin, rosmarinic acid, camphor, quercetin, and apigenin, which aid its medicinal properties. In humans, Sage has may trigger improvements in alertness, attention, memory, mood and word recall in adults

A study done on 36 adults discovered that 50 uL of sage essential oil caused an improvement in the memory and attention tasks of adults. It also triggered a reduction in mental fatigue and increased alertness over a four-hour period.

And there you have it! 5 essential herbs you might want to choose to bring into your daily routine to boost your focus levels all through the day. It might also come as a shock to you that we use some of these herbs to make our own CBD products to provide you with an energy boost and all the other amazing benefits of CBD.For example, our Hand and Body Topical Hemp Oil Extract  contains peppermint among other essential herbs to combine all the benefits we have outlined here and all the benefits CBD provides to your body. Check out our store for other incredible product!


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