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CBD Education

Are CBD Suppositories Effective? What Are CBD Suppositories?

Nowadays, cannabidiol has become widely accepted; you can get it in many forms. CBD tinctures, oils, capsules, topicals, edibles, drinks, and many others are out there for sale. But, using CBD as a suppository form is less popular. Let’s talk more about CBD suppositories, why they’re used, and what effects they offer.

Have you ever thought that we’re making a mistake by disregarding this CBD method? Let’s find out everything about CBD suppositories and how effective they are. 


CBD Suppositories 


Cannabidiol is a chemical compound that may be responsible for several beneficial effects of marijuana. The pill-sized suppository is specially designed to insert CBD into the body’s sensitive areas like the vagina or rectum. CBD reaches your bloodstream faster and makes powerful effects than other oral consumption through this method. 

After the CBD suppository enters your body, the internal cellular walls and mucous membranes absorb its healing compounds. Cannabidiol travels fast to neighboring organs and with swift absorption into the bloodstream.


Why Do People Use CBD Suppositories?


CBD Suppositories aren’t the most popular way to use CBD. However, they may be very practical for vaginal or digestive system issues. Especially for those people who cannot take other CBD methods, CBD suppositories are recommended. It’s a powerful way to ensure that one is getting regular CBD doses. It’s also great for delivering relief to specific areas of discomfort. We’ve also had a few people test out our CBD suppositories after injuring their back. We’ve gotten feedback that it may benefit lower back discomfort as well. 

Why CBD Suppositories Are So Effective


While the absorption rate of vaporizing CBD is 30-55% and 20% for orally consumed, suppositories get dissolved in the moist environments of the vagina and anus quickly. Plus, the colon starts ingesting the compound of a suppository instantly rather than staying up for the swallowed CBD to arrive at the digestive organs. 

The colon is the most active area for absorbing nutrition. It’s the last chance for your body to make the best out of your food before leaving the body.  

That’s why the colon’s veins surrounding walls are skinny so that it can take the inserted CBD away to bind to the endocannabinoid receptors of the body. 

Similarly, the blood vessels surrounding the walls of the vagina are absorptive. Though it’s not as active as the colon, CBD suppositories can give it comfort and help with a more particular purpose. 

Moreover, a good CBD suppository can enhance your libido by eliminating fear about the pain at the time of sex and making the sex-feel enjoyable. It’s an excellent way to help the muscles relax, decrease anxiety and improve mood. 

Generally, after inserting the CBD suppository, it takes 10-15 minutes to feel the effects, and it can remain for a maximum of 8 hours. CBD suppositories have been around successfully for stomach aches and vaginal discomfort for many years.  

Final Thoughts

However, you can make your own suppository type with CBD tinctures or oils, which allows you to customize your doses. And for this, Grassroot Harvest provides you the best alternatives to use CBD products internally as in various forms of CBD topical products like creams, lotions, oil, and salve. Many people worldwide recommend using GRH CBD topical for creating a beneficial CBD suppository.

We hope this blog teaches you something about CBD Suppositories. If you never thought about using CBD suppositories before, perhaps now you’re aware of more reasons why they are growing in popularity!

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