PEARL Hemp-Infused Water-Based Personal Lubricant 50mg CBD/50ml

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PEARL Lubricant is a groundbreaking CBD-infused water-based lubricant that’s designed for female pleasure & comfort (but guys will love it too!). This latex-safe CBD lubricant is perfect for solo adventures or with a partner/partners.

Why CBD + Lube?

Intimacy is maximized with a CBD lubricant, as tension & discomfort melt away to make room for pleasure. CBD is a naturally soothing, anti-inflammatory ingredient that will enhance every experience when applied directly onto sensitive spots. CBD enhances blood flow where applied, so use generously and get ready to feel good!

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PEARL CBD Lubricant

An ultra-natural CBD lubricant option, PEARL CBD Lubricant’s an incredibly slick partner to bring along for solo or partner adventures. 50mg of CBD inside PEARL to increase comfort, sensation, and glide-ability. Ready for some (safe) fun? PEARL is latex & silicone safe!

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Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Guar Gum, Xanthan gum, Potassium Sorbate, THC-Free Water-Soluble CBD


Apply 2-4 pumps as needed. CBD lubricant can be reapplied multiple times.

This CBD Lube has been specifically designed to match the natural pH balance of a vagina. That means it is less likely to cause issues after use than other lubricants with chemical & scent additives.


Vaginal atrophy, pain during sex, dryness during sex, lack of sensation during sex
Safe to use with condoms and silicone
Safe to eat

Re-lubricates with saliva

Coming soon… SILK CBD Suppositories!

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PEARL 50mg/50ml
What do you mean by CBD topicals? CBD topicals refer to balms, creams, salves, and lotions applied directly to the skin. They are not meant to be consumed orally.
How should I use CBD topicals? CBD topicals help to support healing and recovery. Lotions, creams, rollers, and salves have active ingredients like menthol combined with CBD to ease discomfort. CBD topicals have been reported to benefit discomfort in the muscles and joints.
What is special about Grassroot CBD creams and topicals when compared to other alternatives on the market?  All Grassroots Harvest topicals contain a unique blend of superior full-spectrum CBD along with additional cannabinoids and terpenes. Our creams are packed with botanicals and herbal compounds that make our formulation highly effective.
How do I use CBD topicals?  To use CBD topicals, wash and dry the affected area. Apply a generous amount of the product and gently massage it into the skin. With roll-on topicals, apply the product in a dabbing motion after cleaning the affected area.
What is more effective? CBD topical or oral CBD oil? Choosing between CBD topicals and oral CBD oil is completely subjective, based on your individual needs and requirements. Topical variants work best for surface level aches and pains in the body whereas oils and tinctures are a more holistic solution for helping the whole body. Determine your needs by analyzing the problems you are facing; they could be overt or hidden beneath the surface. With CBD topicals and oral oil tinctures, you have the choice to heal your body holistically in every way possible.
How long is a CBD topical effective for? The effects of CBD topicals vary from person to person, depending on their unique composition and response to CBD. Moreover, since CBD topicals are natural and holistic sources of healing, they may take some time to show results. The location and size of the affected area also play a huge role in the healing process. Typically, effects can be felt within 20 minutes and last for several hours.
What is the recommended dosage for CBD topicals? There is no particular dosage for CBD topicals; it all depends on your individual needs. We recommend that you start with a generous amount of a topical CBD product and massage into the affected area for maximum benefit.
How often should I use CBD topicals? This is up to you. You may use CBD topicals whenever you feel the need.
How does topical CBD oil react with magnesium oil? Both CBD oil and magnesium oil can be used to expedite recovery and maintain the body. They can be used together to obtain the maximum benefits that each oil has to offer. Just be sure to monitor your results to know how each oil is affecting your health.To be clear, this is not medical advice as we are not medical professionals.

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    I can never go back to the lubricant I was using before after trying this! It is completely water-based and has no sticky feeling like many other lubricants. The CBD greatly enhances pleasure and alleviates any pains or sensitivities while being intimate. 10/10 recommend.

    • Jasmin Weber

      Jasmin Weber (store manager)

      Hi there, thank you so much for leaving this review of PEARL! We’re really proud of how it turned out, and we’re so glad you’re enjoying it!
      All the best,
      GRH Team

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