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CBD Education

Why Use CBD Lube? How CBD Lube Benefits May Improve Sex

Are you on a quest to spice up your sex life and make your intimate experiences as pleasurable as possible? Then say goodbye to your regular lube, and pick up some CBD lube instead! It seems like CBD finds its way into every product on the market now, and we’re excited about CBD lube! Hemp-derived CBD may enhance sex life, but you might find yourself wondering what CBD lube benefits there are and why you should use it. Grassroots Harvest is here to provide you with all the answers you might be looking for. Read on to learn more about this fascinating product and why it’s so popular nowadays! 

Regular Lubricant vs CBD Lubricant

Sex is a fun subject to talk about (as long as it’s consensual and safe!), but for some individuals, sexual intercourse is sometimes unpleasant or painful. One 2018 study showed the prevalence of discomfort during sex in women in the USA was between 10% to 20%. Despite that, it’s still hard for women to understand the problem and find remedies to help. For some, lubricants that make sex more enjoyable put an end to discomfort, but for others, regular lube isn’t enough. The purpose of lube is to make sex more pleasant, but active ingredients inside can change the quality of the lubricant. There are a few differences between regular lubricants and CBD lubricants – find some of them in the paragraphs that follow: 

Normal lubricants are fantastic because they make sex more comfortable, enjoyable, and pleasurable. Thus, intensifying the entire experience, whether you’re on a solo adventure or with a partner. They also come in many different forms, such as silicon, oil, or water-based. Lube is often safe to use and safe to eat, and comes with a lot of benefits. However, although regular lube is helpful, it does little to actually improve the entire experience, start to finish. CBD can help with that.

What is CBD Lube?

So, what exactly is CBD lube? Although regular lube is a remarkable discovery that has helped millions of people, CBD lube is an even greater one! CBD lube is dense with hundreds of beneficial properties for both parties. One of CBD lube benefits being the anti-inflammatory effect of CBD that proves to be very effective during sex. Regular lubricants don’t contain ingredients that would help with increasing relaxation or relieving inflammation during sex, while CBD lube does. Some users have reported that they experience improved sensitivity, arousal, and orgasms when using CBD lubricant. Blood flow is also a pretty huge part of having sex, and CBD has properties that increase blood flow to the places where it’s applied. This is yet another reason why CBD lube is so popular among users who want to enhance sexual pleasure. 

CBD topicals are popular among those that are experiencing soreness or strain in the body because CBD tends to relax those areas. This is why CBD lube benefits can make the experience better than regular lube and why CBD in a lubricant base can be helpful when experiencing discomfort during sex.

Grassroots Harvest PEARL CBD Lubricant

Water-based, silicone-and-latex-safe, and safe to eat! Our PEARL CBD Lubricant comes with 50mg of CBD in 50ml and is designed for female comfort and pleasure.

Discomfort during sex is an issue that is more prevalent in females rather than males. So, our PEARL CBD Lubricant focuses on female pleasure, but many customers have stated that it’s good for guys too! 

The reason why our CBD lubricant is a customers’ favorite is due to its fantastic formula. Unlike other lubricants that feel too sticky or too oily, have additional aromas that might irritate intimate parts of the body, and that may disturb the vagina’s natural pH balance, our PEARL CBD lube is light, gentle, soothing, non-sticky. It is designed with special attention to the pH level which is made to match a female’s natural pH balance (which generally moves between the ranges of 3.8 and 4.5). This makes our CBD lubricant safe to use. You won’t have to worry about vaginal infections or other issues that may arise from lubricants irritating your intimate areas. 

Additionally, since our lube is water-based, it won’t break down latex preservatives, an issue that frequently happens with oil-based lubricants. 

PEARL cbd lube benefits from grassroots harvest

The method of using is as simple as it can get – use 3-4 pumps of PEARL CBD Lube the way you would use any other lubricant – or apply generously to increase blood flow even more and enhance the whole experience! 

Final Thoughts on CBD Lube

CBD-infused lubricant is a great way to relieve yourself from tension & discomfort that may occur during sex, and our PEARL CBD lubricant is superior due to its revolutionary formula for a comfortable, pleasurable experience. Have you tried our CBD lube yet? Let us know if you liked it in the comments below! 

*The statements made in this article are only the authors’ best information on the subject and should not be taken as a form of medical advice. Should you have sexual dysfunction or sexual disorders, consult with a doctor before using CBD-infused products.


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