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Why CBD is the Best Father’s Day Gift Ever: CBD Gift Guide

We think CBD is the perfect gift for Father’s Day.

This Father’s Day, we’re giving you 20% off a single item with code “FATHERSDAY” at checkout- so act fast! There’s only 2 days left until Father’s Day!

Why CBD For Dad?

There are a lot of reasons that CBD would make a thoughtful gift for Dad!

Dads work hard- it’s a fact. The Bureau of Labor Statistics most recent survey on how Americans spend their time found that 85.8 percent of males worked over 40 hours on a weekly basis. In fact, the International Labor Organization found that Americans work 137 more hours a year than Japanese workers, and 260 more hours a year than British workers.

In a climate where overtime is the norm and rest time is rare, CBD steps in as the go-to gift. CBD is known for providing stress relief and relaxation, as well as potential pain relief, making it the perfect present for hard working dads everywhere.

That’s because CBD works hard, too!

  • To make sure the aches & pains that come with being busy won’t hold him back.
  • To help him settle into a good night’s rest after a long day.
  • To revitalize him after a workout.
  • To remind him that his wellness is just as important as anyone else’s.

Self-care is for everyone, yet so often it seems to fall to the wayside. That can be especially true for men, and even more so for dads! This Father’s Day, pamper your pops with a gift that’ll give him that self-care, no matter how packed his schedule is.

We have CBD products for all kinds of fathers! Read on to figure out what kind of CBD might be the best fit for the Dad you want to celebrate.

What CBD For Dad?

We’ve gathered up our suggestions for Father’s Day gifts for every kind of dad! Read on and find out what CBD product your dad needs.

  • For the Superman Dad- If your dad does it all, get him the CBD he deserves. Our 2500mg CBD Oil tincture is the highest concentration of CBD that we’ve got, so he can relax big-time after even the longest days.
  • For the Pet Dad- We get it, our furbabies are like our children, too. For the dad whose pets reign supreme, get him a bag of our CBD Dog Treats! Heck, why not throw in a bag of CBD Gummies for dad, too? That way, he and his pup can enjoy the good life together.
  • For the New Dad- For the dad who just became a dad, some CBD Flower would be a great treat to partake in without fear! Our CBD Flower tests below the federal legal limit of .3%, so you don’t have to worry about a surprise buzz- these flowers are completely non-psychoactive. Instead, dad might notice feelings of relaxation and release of muscle tension after partaking in our CBD flower, great for dads running on little-to-no sleep!
  • For the Economical Dad- If the dad you’re gift-hunting for is into deals and sales, he’d love hearing that you saved big on his Father’s Day gift! Get him one of our CBD Bundles- they’re collections of some of our favorite products bundled for a sweet discount! Try the CBD Self-Care Kit, which comes with CBD Lotion and a 500mg CBD Oil tincture, to help Dad feel like his best self.
  • For the Dad with a Sweet Tooth- Our CBD Honey is the perfect blend of delicious and soothing. All the benefits of raw honey combined with the benefits of pure CBD make this sweet treat hard to beat.

Check out the rest of our CBD products for more ideas on how to spoil dad this Father’s Day! And to all the fathers and father figures out there, thank you for everything you do!


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