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CBD Sublingual Application: Is It The Best Way To Take CBD?

The word “sublingual” refers to taking a substance under the tongue. It is derived from Latin, “sub lingua.” Hemp oil extract can be taken sublingually and is one of the most popular CBD oil administration methods. When you want to find the best CBD products, you will need to understand the available consumption methods. What makes using CBD sublingual such a great method? Is there another method out there that may work better for you? Together we can learn the different methods of CBD consumption, including sublingual application.

The Benefits of Sublingual CBD Oil Administration

There is a good reason why taking hemp oil extracts sublingually is so popular. Under your tongue, there are mucous membranes. When these membranes come into contact with substances, they are absorbed more effectively. Beneath these mucous membranes are many capillaries (small blood vessels), which help transport sublingual CBD oil to your bloodstream almost instantly. Through sublingual CBD oil administration, the hemp oil extract can work more quickly.

Other Methods of Consumption

Besides taking CBD sublingually, other methods of consumption can be used for the extracts of hemp oil. These methods may not have the same quick effects that using sublingual CBD oil administration does. Let’s take a brief look at the other methods available.

  • Smoking and Vaping – Smoking and vaping are commonly used consumption methods for CBD use. Smoking and vaping can supply the same type of gratification that sublingual application can. The effects take place sooner than other methods. The lining of the lungs is similar to the mucous membranes under the tongue, allowing quicker absorption.
  • Edibles – For those substances that are taken orally (eaten or drank), they have to pass through the digestive system before entering the bloodstream. The effects can take longer to kick in, and the efficacy may be lower due to the digestion.
  • Topicals – Lotions and other balms that are infused with the hemp oil extracts can be used on the skin as a more targeted approach for discomfort. 

Choosing the Right CBD Oil Administration

For most users of CBD oil, choosing sublingual administration works best. The quick approach is why taking hemp oil extract sublingually is so popular! With effects that are noticeable more quickly and nothing lost during digestion.

In most applications, the oil will come in a tincture, which allows you to drop the desired amount of CBD under your tongue. You should only use products that are intended for use sublingually. You should not be using any other type of oil extract under your tongue unless it is rated to do so. The best CBD will also be third-party lab-tested to ensure quality. You should always explore different consumption methods to find out which one is right for you. Sublingual CBD oil isn’t for everyone. Some people aren’t a fan of the taste, maybe vaping will work better for those people.

Does vaping sound better to you? You can try our brand new hemp oil extract cartridges – perfect for any level of vaper. Vaping is often more preferable for those who are unable to enjoy the sublingual experience. All of our cartridges are great for use in compatible vape devices.

Are you interested in trying some sublingual CBD oil? You can check out all of our available products here


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