Take 9 Hemp-Derived Delta 9 THC Fruit Chews (10:0)


We’re excited to bring you these fabulous fruit chews from Take 9! These are infused with hemp-derived delta 9 THC, making them deliciously potent fruit chews we truly enjoy. Made with real fruit, so the flavor is just right- these Raspberry Fruit Chews made quite a treat!

10mg hemp-derived delta 9 THC in each fruit chew, 5 fruit chews per pack. Total: 50mg hemp-derived delta 9 THC per pack.

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Discover a delectable treat that combines the goodness of real fruit with all-natural ingredients and an enticing absence of artificial colors or flavors. Introducing our Delta-9 THC Fruit Chews, meticulously crafted to offer a delightful experience with each bite. Delve into the flavorsome world of these fruit chews, featuring a 10:0 ratio of Hemp-Derived Delta-9 THC, and embark on a journey of indulgence and satisfaction.

Pure Fruit Delight: An Authentic Fruit Experience: Experience the true essence of fruit in every chew, as our fruit chews are lovingly made with real fruit, providing an authentic and vibrant flavor that’s impossible to resist.

Unveiling the Delta-9 THC Blend:

A 10:0 Ratio: Each fruit chew contains 10mg of Hemp-Derived Delta-9 THC, offering a purely THC-focused experience without the presence of CBD.

Conveniently Packaged: Perfectly Portioned: Enjoy the convenience of our 5-piece pouches, with each pouch containing 5 fruit chews. Each bite-sized chew is a tantalizing burst of flavor waiting to be savored.

Nature’s Goodness: All-Natural and Vegan-Friendly: Rest easy knowing that our fruit chews are crafted with all-natural ingredients, ensuring a wholesome treat suitable for vegans and those with dietary preferences.

Ingredients That Matter

Thoughtfully Curated: Our fruit chews feature a carefully selected blend of ingredients, including Cane Sugar, Fruit Pectin, Non-GMO Corn Syrup, Fruit Compote, Dehydrated Fruit, CBD/THC from Hemp, Citric Acid, and Malic Acid. Every component is chosen to create a truly exceptional and satisfying experience.

Elevate Your Senses: Immerse yourself in the world of Delta-9 THC Fruit Chews and experience a heightened sense of enjoyment and relaxation. With their pure fruit ingredients, all-natural formulation, and the absence of artificial additives, these chews provide an unparalleled fruit-infused bliss. Treat yourself to a moment of indulgence and let the enticing flavors transport you to a state of pure delight.

Satisfy your cravings with the irresistible allure of Delta-9 THC Fruit Chews. Imbued with the goodness of real fruit, these delectable treats offer a 10mg Hemp-Derived Delta-9 THC experience per chew, all in a convenient 5-piece pouch. Crafted with all-natural, vegan-friendly ingredients, and free from artificial colors or flavors, these fruit chews provide a guilt-free indulgence suitable for all. Experience the authentic taste of fruit in every bite and allow the allure of Delta-9 THC to whisk you away into a world of pure pleasure. Embrace the tantalizing flavors and embrace the momentary escape provided by Delta-9 THC Fruit Chews.



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