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A new version of the Nimo Sleep Gummies with a blend of Delta-9 THC and a blend of botanicals.

This is the Delta-9 THC Sleep version of Nimo Gummies- these gummies are ready to rest up, and you will be too, thanks to the combination of melatonin and delta-9 THC inside.

  • 20 Gummies – 10mg Δ9 THC each
  • Flavor: Wild Berry
  • Beneficial Ingredients: Delta-8 THC, Melatonin, L-Theanine, Chamomile, Passion Flower, Lemon Balm
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  • Introducing Nimo Sleep Gummies: The Ultimate Sleep Solution
    Unveiling the Delta-9 THC Sleep Version
    • A new rendition of Nimo Sleep Gummies infused with Delta-9 THC and a blend of botanicals.
    • Specifically formulated to promote restful sleep and relaxation.
    Ingredients for Tranquil Slumber
    • Delta-9 THC: Each gummy contains 10mg of Δ9 THC for consistent potency.
    • Melatonin: Natural hormone known for regulating sleep-wake cycles.
    • L-Theanine: Promotes relaxation and reduces stress.
    • Chamomile, Passion Flower, and Lemon Balm: Traditional botanicals with sleep-inducing properties.
    Indulge in Delicious Wild Berry Flavor
    • Delight your palate with the irresistible taste of Wild Berry.
    • 20 gummies per package ensure an ample supply for your nightly routine.
    How Nimo Sleep Gummies Work
    • Melatonin and Delta-9 THC Synergy: Encourages calmness and relaxation.
    • Botanical Blend: Harnesses the power of nature to promote tranquility.
    Instructions for Use
    • Consume one gummy before bedtime for optimal results.
    • Allow the blend of Delta-9 THC and botanicals to guide you into a restful slumber.
    Transform Your Sleep Experience
    • Bid farewell to restless nights and embrace rejuvenating sleep.
    • Experience the soothing benefits of Delta-9 THC and botanical bliss.



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