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CBD Education

Where to Find the Best Cannabis Info Online? A Guide

Newcomers to cannabis as well as regulars have access to a plethora of resources to learn more about the plant. But sometimes it can be hard to remember all the places with information on hemp and cannabis products! This list is a roundup of great sites online with cannabis info available. 


Nearly half of all states now permit cannabis use. According to data, the number of registered retail establishments in the US selling marijuana or hemp – derived products has increased to over 10,528 in 2019 from 2,920 in 2018. Many more are opening across almost every location where cannabis is legal.

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For the first time in American history, more Americans smoke cannabis than traditional cigarettes. By 2030, legal cannabis revenues in the United States are projected to top $57 billion.


A large community of online forums have a focus on info relating to cannabis products. The Internet now has many groups devoted to canna-topics. They range from what cannabis is to all the products derived from it. The insights online often hold present cannabis trends and innovative practices. That’s why it’s beneficial for cannabis consumers to share knowledge with like-minded individuals. 


So, all the canna-lovers, here is a rundown of the best Cannabis info groups or pages online:

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If you are looking for a subreddit that talks about cannabis, this is the right option. This is the fastest growing canna-community on Reddit, with 829k members. Since 2008, users have been able to access this subreddit. You’ll get all the information in pictures or videos of the hemp plant and its growth. 


2. Leafy 

Leafly is the go-to place for people all around the globe to learn about cannabis items. Approximately one hundred million unique users every year use Leafly in search of cannabis-related content and more.


Leafly’s investigative media offers over 1 billion cannabis users across the globe the knowledge and resources required to unlock the potential of cannabis. The database of Leafly has more than 5,000 different strains of cannabis, and the website features more than 11,000 cannabis-related content and information.


3. Grasscity 

Visit the Grasscity forums to learn about the most recent developments in the cannabis business, along with engaging in lively lifestyle debates and insightful social play-by-play. Grasscity has several sub-forums that take cannabis discussion to a new level. It is generally regarded as the best place for anybody to know further about cannabis, regardless of their level of expertise.


Grasscity also serves as a hub for those looking to purchase cannabis products and those interested in learning more about the harvesting period at every stage.


4. Strain Hunters 


If you have an earnest desire to learn more about cannabis strains, Strain Hunters is an indispensable resource.


People who are curious about particular strains and those who travel the world in search of exotic and unusual cultivars are the target audiences for the articles published on Strain Hunters. As a result, the name Strain Hunters isn’t just for show; it refers to a group of people traveling the globe searching for rare cannabis strains.


5. Future4200


Future 4200 is one of the top cannabis production technology forums online. So if you’re interested in cannabis research or technical developments in the business, this forum is where you want to be.


Members of this community share all about the ins and outs of the scientific and technological aspects of the cannabis industry, including extraction methods, wet or dry trim, research and field safety standards, terpene mixing, Delta-8 deriving from CBD, and many other fiercely discussed issues.

Final Thoughts on Cannabis Info Online

However, there are numerous cannabis groups to pick from online. So, considering your choices, browse more and choose the best one that serves your purpose. Of course, you can also find plenty of cannabis resources right here on our site. We’ve got blogs on all kinds of hemp topics, so dig in!

Got questions? Let us know in the comments below!

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