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Is Delta-8 THC Legal in North Carolina? Legality by State 2023

Since the federal government first gave it the go-light in 2018, Delta 8 has seen a remarkable surge in popularity. The state of North Carolina has approved its use. However, before you go to the store to get your edibles or vapes, there’s something you should know. It is probably advisable to have a better understanding of the legality in North Carolina regarding delta-8 THC.


Is Delta-8 THC Legal In North Carolina?

Yes, delta-8 THC is legal in North Carolina.

The 2018 Agriculture Improvement Act is the basis for North Carolina’s delta 8 law. The Bill was a historic legislative act because it allowed states to authorize the use of cannabinoids produced from hemp. Also, it was the first step toward formally separating hemp from marijuana under the law. 


Despite their similarity in science, US law treats these two forms of cannabis quite differently. Cannabidiol (THC) levels of over 0.3% differentiate marijuana from hemp. Although hemp was decriminalized by the Farm Bill 2018, marijuana is still classified as a Schedule I drug. That means it’s currently illegal at the federal level.


Because of the federal Farm Bill, North Carolina enacted Senate Bill- 352, which removed delta-8 and all other chemicals produced from hemp from the state’s List Of Controlled substances. According to the Bill, hemp products include:

“Any item within a 0.3% concentration of Delta-9 on a dry-weight basis, created by, or generated by, manufacturing hemp plants or any parts of the plants, which are produced in a manner accessible for retail purposes, comprising, but still not confined to, skincare, personal care items, food allowed for a human or animal usage and any item having any hemp-obtained cannabinoids, like cannabidiol.”


So if Delta 8 is produced from CBD derived from hemp and has less than 0.3% THC, it is legitimate in NC and meets the above mentioned criteria.


Purchasing Delta-8 THC In NC

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There are places in North Carolina where you can legally buy delta-8 products online and through stores. Today, you can get a variety of delta-8 THC edibles, vape cartridges, and distillates at several legal CBD shops.


Make sure that the producer of the Delta-8 product you decide to purchase is reputable. A manufacturer company that cares about their product’s quality would make them available with complete COAs as well as positive reviews from satisfied clients. However, the quickest and most hassle-free approach to get your cannabinoids is to purchase Delta-8 from reliable online vendors.


Moreover, it is not illegal to transport or ship delta 8 items to or from North Carolina on a federal or state level. You may also leave this state carrying delta-8 if the state you’re going to allows for its usage and ownership. So, if you don’t have access to a local retailer, several manufacturers are willing to ship to North Carolina. 


So, is delta-8 THC legal in North Carolina? Yes, absolutely! But, regardless of whether you buy delta-8 through the internet or a store physically located in your area, it is always advisable to evaluate your items’ safety, quality, and authenticity. Even though purchasing, possessing, and consuming Delta 8 is not illegal in North Carolina, you should make it a habit to investigate the origin of the items you buy. It also helps to look into their manufacturing practices.

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