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CBD For Tattoos

CBD has become a huge trend in today’s health & wellness market, and there are so many things people claim CBD has helped them with that it’s hard to keep count.

One of the BIG things that CBD is known to help with is inflammation! Inflammation plays a large role in a lot of different illnesses and injuries, so CBD’s abilities as a natural anti-inflammatory make it pretty darn useful.

Something that definitely causes inflammation?

Getting tattooed.

What Happens When You Get A Tattoo

When you get a tattoo, multiple tiny needles pierce the top layer of your skin (called the epidermis) to reach the layer of skin underneath (called the dermis), where the ink is placed. This process, of course, requires those layers of your skin to become damaged, and inflammation is part of your body’s natural response to this damage.

As your tattoo heals, the damaged epidermis will flake away but the dermis will heal in place, which is what allows your tattoo to remain permanently! However, it’s important to take good care of your skin during the healing process to ensure that it heals evenly, and with as little pain as possible.

Like we said, the process of getting a tattoo requires the top two layers of your skin to be damaged. Inflammation is a totally natural response to this damage, so it’s pretty common for an area that’s been tattooed recently to be a little red & puffy.

That’s Where CBD May Help

CBD has all-natural anti-inflammatory abilities, and when it comes to healing a tattoo, the inflammation can sometimes be painful, annoying, and even itchy.

  • Apply a few drops of CBD oil to the tattooed area, and gently rub it into your skin.

This may help skin that’s a bit swollen, and may even soothe pain. This may help speed up the recovery process, also leaving your skin more comfortable.

A recent tattoo may peel a bit, as the damaged epidermis flakes off.

  • Use a pump of two of our CBD lotion on peeling skin to help it heal, and heal well.

Our CBD lotion can be used for many things aside from this, but we think that it would work great for anyone healing a tattoo!

You should always listen to your tattoo artist when they tell you how to care for your tattoo while it heals. If you’re interested in using CBD for your tattoo, ask your artist first. They are the experts, after all!

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