3 Ways To Use CBD In Your Workout

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Take your workout game to the next level! CBD is here to help spot you pre- and post-workout, so you can push harder, recover more quickly, and get back out there!


  1. Try applying Recover CBD Serum to points of recurring pain several hours before working out, in order to preemptively reduce swelling & inflammation.
  2. Stretching is super important! But, it can be hard to stretch out those sore muscles. Make the start of your workout easier with CBD lotion. Apply it to areas that are still tight from the last time you hit the gym, and wait a few minutes before beginning to stretch. You should notice that it’s easier to get warmed up, thanks to CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties.
  3. If you’re feeling fancy, a CBD-infused protein shake would be the perfect start to any workout. Add .5ml of 500mg CBD oil to any protein shake to get the pain relief and chill that CBD is known for.

CBD For Yoga:

Use CBD before you begin your yoga routine to increase relaxation, groundedness, and peace of mind. Take a few drops of 500mg CBD oil before you begin, and spend a few minutes in meditation. After that, you’ll be in a great state of mind to flow through your yoga routine with ease. 


  1. If you feel like you pulled a muscle, or worked one group too much after your workout, apply a bit more Recover CBD Serum to those points of pain for speedy relief.
  2. As you’re cooling down, puff on a CBD cartridge to maximize relaxation while those exercise-related endorphins run through your body.
  3. Treat yourself to a CBD gummy or two- you’ve earned it!

CBD is one of the best natural anti-inflammatories that we know about, so it’s no wonder that CBD fits so well into a workout routine. Use it to help minimize workout injuries, and reduce recovery time, so you can get back to the gym.

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