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CBD For Pets

CBD For Pets This New Year’s Eve

It’s the end of the old year, and the start of a new. The time for celebration is here, and we’re ready for all the of end-of-year festivities to begin! But not everyone will be as happy as we are about all the parties taking place tonight: for pets, New Year’s Eve can be one of the worst nights of the year. For pups and cats, the traditional fireworks of New Year’s can cause extreme anxiety and distress. Unfortunately, there’s no way to soundproof your home for one night, but there’s good news: CBD for pets exists, and is here to help your four-legged friend get through the night.

Is CBD Safe For My Pet?

CBD has risen quickly in popularity for a variety of reasons. People use CBD for lots of things, from inflammation and pain relief to anxiety relief, and our pets can use CBD for many of the same reasons. If your pet is going to freak tonight, CBD might be a helpful tool to preemptively calm them down. All of our CBD products are made with industrial hemp and meet the federal standard of less than .3% THC, so you can rest easy, knowing your pets won’t feel ‘high’ or ‘stoned’ after taking it.

CBD For Pets

We have CBD products made just for pets! We carry CBD Pet Oils with either 150mg or 300mg of CBD per bottle, made with a combination of CBD and salmon oil for a flavor your pets will genuinely love. Simply drop it onto their food, or rub it directly into their gums for faster results.

Wanna give your dog an extra special treat? We also carry CBD Dog Bones! With 150mg CBD per bag, these treats will keep your pup happy and feeling good into the new year.

As the parties loom, stock up on our CBD products for pets, and help them ring in the new year a bit happier.


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