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CBD Education

CBD For Pets: All The Benefits You Need To Know

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Oil For Pets? Here’s What You Need To Know

If you own a pet, the chances are high that this furry bundle of joy is your best friend. Part of being a responsible pet owner is taking them to the vet and keeping them healthy. That is why many people have begun giving their furry friends CBD oil for a variety of reasons. How do you know what the best CBD products are for your pet?

CBD, for those who are not aware, comes from the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant is full of cannabinoids, which include THC and CBD. Unlike THC, using CBD does not cause a psychoactive response or the “high” feeling people associate with cannabis. CBD has many properties that increase its value for those who may be suffering from discomfort or uneasiness.

How CBD Works For Pets

Interestingly enough, CBD works for pets in the same ways it does for humans. The percentage of CBD is often lower for pets than it is for their human counterparts. Using CBD with your furry friend may help with certain skin problems, appetite issues, and different types of discomfort. Of course, CBD alone may not do the trick, and you will need to consult with a professional before giving it to your pet.

Benefits Of CBD For Dogs And Cats

Believe it or not, dogs outnumber cats as pets. Dogs bring their humans mass amounts of joy, funny moments, and companionship. A dog is a lifelong companion, and you want to take the best care of your friend. Some studies have shown that CBD’s use may help with behavioral problems, loss of appetite, and other issues. If you worry that your dog may be suffering, looking into CBD for dogs might help with their discomfort.

And what about CBD for cats? Just like their canine and human counterparts, cats have an endocannabinoid system. The use of CBD for cats may help with some of the same stressors and discomforts. 

Administering CBD To Pets

One truth about all cats and dogs, they aren’t going to do something they don’t want to do. Administering your pet’s CBD could quickly become a nightmare if you don’t get creative. When it comes to giving your cat or dog CBD for pets, here are a few methods you should try:

  • Placing It Directly On Their Gums Or In Their Mouth – Your pet may love the taste, which means you won’t have to worry about trying to trick them into taking it. The mouth is the best place because the receptors in your pet’s mouth are even more sensitive than the ones in our mouths. Our CBD Pet Oil is made with salmon oil for a flavor that pets should enjoy. 
  • Mix it with food – Depending on the type of food you feed your pet, achieving the right consistency may be next to impossible. An alternative would be mixing it with some peanut butter (make sure it’s Xylitol-free, this sweetener is not good for dogs) and presenting it as a treat.
  • Make homemade treats – Pets like treats. Using the CBD in the recipe for a tasty homemade treat may be the best way to achieve consumption.

Factors To Consider When Determining Your Pet’s CBD Dosage

Figuring out the right dose for your pet may be a trial-and-error situation (like with humans). Since our metabolism can affect how effective CBD is, monitoring your pet closely until you find the right amount will be critical. Since CBD oils come in a variety of strengths, you will need to consider your pet’s weight and the strength of the dose. 

In most circumstances, when using CBD to manage discomfort in your pet, you should administer the dose every eight hours. For other instances, one to two times a day should suffice.

CBD Dosage For Dogs

A lot of your dosing instructions will be dependent on your dog’s weight, the strength of the CBD for dogs, and the reason for giving it. You also have to take into account that different brands will have different dosing instructions.

As a general rule, you want to start with one to two milligrams for every ten pounds. From here, you can increase, but pay attention to the manufacturer’s maximum daily dose. The instructions provided with the CBD should indicate the maximum amount your dog can have in one day.

CBD Dosage For Cats

Overall, cats weigh less than dogs, but the dosages are almost the same. Depending on the type of product you are using, you should start out with one to two milligrams per ten pounds. Don’t have a ten-pound cat? No worries, you can divide out what you need and use the packaging to determine the dropper size (if using a tincture). For example, if you have a six-pound cat, you could start with around one milligram, adjusting from there. You will need to make sure you follow the recommended dosing on the box to ensure you aren’t giving your cat too much of the product.

Possible Side Effects Of CBD For Pets

Despite the lack of scientific data to support CBD’s side effects in pets, a comparison can be made to the side effects seen in humans. These may include:

Dry mouth – CBD may decrease saliva production, which can create an excessive thirst for your pet.

Drowsiness – thanks to the potential calming effect that pet owners have witnessed in their pets using CBD, it is possible that increased sleepiness may pop up.

Lower blood pressure – if a CBD dose is too high, it could potentially cause a drop in blood pressure. Although minimal, in a pet, it could lead to a feeling of light-headedness.

Is CBD Right For Your Pet?

Before you decide to try CBD for pets, you should speak with your veterinarian about this decision. Your vet can discuss the options and advise you on the dosing for your animal. They can even help you determine if CBD would be the right option in your pet’s circumstances. To keep your dog or cat safe, always seek professional guidance before administering anything new into your pet’s system.

Cannabinol also known as CBD has continued to enjoy a spike in popularity in recent years as an option for a host of issues within humans and pets. From managing discomfort, agony, and so on, CBD has become a go-to counter solution to millions of individuals and pets across the country. 

But can CBD actually help pets? Or yet, can it function as an effective treatment to deal with discomfort in pets?

CBD And Separation Discomfort- How CBD Might Help Pets 

Exploring Separation Discomfort

It can be defined as a mental state pets experience when they are away from their human companions. Pets have the tendency to be overly attached to their humans. They can demonstrate anything from mild depression to an all-out panic whenever their owners leave them behind.

This condition could come about in multiple circumstances. It is not uncommon to find pets separated from their mothers early or pets who are suffering from feelings of instability or pets that had been previously abused suffering from this condition. Other conditions could include changes in routine, family changes, environment changes or the loss of a family member. 

Knowing if your pet suffers from separation discomfort is pretty straightforward. Some key symptoms your pet might also exhibit include:

  • whining, barking, or howling
  • urinating and defecating
  • chewing
  • digging
  • shaking
  • pacing
  • panting

if you notice your pet is exhibiting any of these symptoms, it could be important to pay an even closer eye on them. Some pets could show signs of separation before you leave the house by shaking or crying when they notice you taking actions associated with leaving. They could put you in the corner or start engaging in dangerous activity in a bid to get you to stay. These are all signs of a dog with separation. 

Dogs & CBD

CBD is a compound that’s within cannabis and hemp. Among its numerous benefits, it is famed for its inability to get users high. The same is true for pets too! Because CBD lacks in the psychoactive properties found in marijuana, it is unable to get your pets high.

The use of CBD oil with pets is readily gaining recognition within vet circles. Numerous vets approve the use of CBD and sometimes use it for their own pets. However, they might be unable to recommend it because of its legal status. It is however important to discuss CBD with your vet before you begin to administer any to your pets

CBD helps your pets by increasing the serotonin levels in the brain. When this happens, your pet will feel calm and relaxed. CBD will not make your dog forget you are gone but it might help them deal with your absence better. A study from Cornell showed that administering a dose of 2mg/kg CBD twice daily to your pets can lead to an increase in comfort and activity within dogs dealing with osteoarthritis.

Research is still ongoing to fully explore the relationship between CBD and pets and the effects the naturally occurring compound has on pets.

Other Potential Benefits

In addition to alleviating uneasiness in pets, CBD oil also possesses anti-inflammatory benefits. It could be helpful for dealing with related discomfort in pets. It is excellent in managing other forms of pain and assisting mental issues like epilepsy and seizures in pets. 

Although research is still ongoing, all signs point to the fact that CBD oil can indeed make a huge difference in managing the mood of pets and ensuring total wellness. It can also help pets that suffer from some form of trauma and assist their transformation from frantic pet into a calm and caring one.


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