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News And Legislation

Texas Hemp Smokable Ban To Go Into Effect

What It Means For You & Us

The State of Texas has passed Code 300.104 banning the manufacture, distribution, and sale of smokable hemp products.
The new hemp smokable ban will go into effect on August 2nd, and after that point, any Texas company found to be involved in manufacturing, distributing, or selling smokable hemp products are subject to a fine of $25,000 a day.
This is an unfortunate turn of events for Texas hemp, and in this blog we’ll go into what exactly the ban means, and how it will impact you.

What is a Hemp Smokable/Vapable?

The hemp smokable ban that this law refers to covers products made from hemp and manufactured for the purpose of inhalation or smoking, which is defined as “burning or igniting a substance and inhaling the smoke or heating a substance and inhaling the resulting vapor or aerosol.”
This definition is what makes hemp vapable products illegal for sale as well.
Products that will now be illegal to manufacture, distribute, or sell in Texas are CBD/Hemp:
Vape cartridges
Vape tinctures
However, CBD/Hemp flower that is not intended for smoking is still legal.

What That Means For Grassroots Harvest

Unfortunately, all this means we’ve had to remove some of our products from our website- specifically, our CBD Cartridges had to go. As a company, we emphasize operating within the law. On top of that, facing such heavy fines would be an enormous burden to us & many other small businesses operating in the hemp & CBD industry.
We are working hard to find alternative products to offer in the place of our highly popular CBD Cartridges, and feel confident we’ll be able to offer you all a legal option soon

What That Means For You

If you live in Texas, you won’t be able to buy any vaping or smoking products made with CBD starting August 2nd. We recommend stocking up now on your favorite products before the hemp smokable ban goes into effect. Consuming these products is still legal, however finding them will no longer be an easy task.
If you’re an Austin resident, we recommend visiting our friends at Austin Vape and Smoke ( at one of their locations to pick up heavily discounted vape & smoke products before the ban begins.
In the Meantime…
You can check out some other great CBD options here that will work similarly to a CBD Vape Cartridge!
Our CBD Gummies are just as portable as a CBD vape, and are equally awesome to take! Our CBD Gummies come in four flavors and are easy to carry with you in a purse, bag, or glove box (although be careful of the summer heat!).
Our CBD Tinctures are our most popular option, and offer the strong effects of a CBD vape. The effects won’t set in quite as quickly, but they do last way longer. We also offer Flavored CBD that’s naturally flavored with terpenes and sweetened with Stevia!

Is Hemp Flower Still Legal in Texas?

Yes, hemp flower is still legal in Texas, as long as the product has not been manufactured or marketed for smoking purposes.

two jars of cbd flower sitting side by side. CBD flower will remain legal after the hemp smokable ban.

Final Thoughts

It’s a truly unfortunate turn of events for hemp lovers in Texas.
We are disappointed in the decision to remove a category of CBD products from Texans, and we fully believe that all forms of CBD should be available to Texas consumers.

Texas hemp farmers stand to lose money seeing as an enormous reason for purchasing their crop has just gone out the window for anyone located in the State.

On top of that, CBD retailers will be hit hard as CBD vape & smoke products were highly popular, and were only growing in popularity. All around, this decision is one that will have negative impacts on the hemp industry in Texas.
As a company, we vow to continue to fight for Texans to have the access to these beneficial & unique products.

You can read the full adopted rules from the State of Texas here.


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