ZERO THC CBD Oil – (750mg/30ml | 5mg/pump)


A new line of CBD oil that is THC-free. 

ZERO THC CBD oils are made with Broad Spectrum CBD.

What’s Broad Spectrum CBD? A version of CBD that extracts all cannabinoids except for THC! That means that along with CBD you’ll find cannabinoids like CBC, CBG, CBDA, and more- but absolutely no THC whatsoever. Our ZERO THC CBD Oil comes in a bottle with a spray-top that dispenses 5mg of CBD per pump. 

All the benefits, none of the risk.

Available in 3 Flavors:

  • Unflavored- Pure, classic CBD in an unflavored  MCT oil base.
  • Indica- Granddaddy Purple Gusher terpenes make this delicious flavor pop!
  • Sativa- All the dank Sour Diesel flavor you love elevated with lemon.

Why 3 Flavors?

  • Unflavored is for CBD purists- those that like their CBD products without anything added. Simple & straightforward.
  • Indica is made with Granddaddy Purple Gusher terpenes that give a grape-y, rich taste to this flavor. Made for chill vibes.
  • Sativa is made with Lemon Sour Diesel terpenes for a bright citrus + herbal taste. Made for fun times.
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This is a CBD oil product that contains zero THC. With 750mg CBD per bottle and 0 THC, this is the perfect CBD oil option for those who are looking to avoid THC completely.


Zero, Unflavored: MCT Oil, Broad Spectrum (THC Free) Hemp Distillate

Zero Indica: MCT Oil, Broad Spectrum (THC free) Hemp Distillate, GDP Gusher Terpene

Zero Sativa: MCT Oil, Broad Spectrum (THC free) Hemp Distillate, Lemon Sour Diesel Terpene


Spray 2-3 pumps into your mouth at a time, as needed. Each pump contains 5mg of CBD. Hold briefly in your mouth/under your tongue, then swallow. 


Pain/Inflammation Relief, Anxiety Relief, Nausea Relief, Stress Reduction, and More


750mg Broad Spectrum CBD in 30ml spray bottle, 5mg CBD per pump

What’s The Difference?

Most of our CBD products are made with Full Spectrum CBD, which is a CBD extract that contains a trace amount of THC- less than 0.3% to be precise- in order to be considered federally legal.

Our new line of ZERO THC products don’t even contain that trace amount of THC, they contain none at all! Using Broad Spectrum CBD extract allows us to make a finished product that holds many cannabinoids while still being THC-free.

Why Zero THC?

There are plenty of reasons someone might want to choose a CBD product with no THC in it at all. If drug testing is a concern for employment or other reasons, a Full Spectrum CBD product might be a no-go. Even though there’s only a small chance that Full Spectrum CBD would cause a positive test, our ZERO THC products remove any potential problems. 


Contains all cannabinoids including THC, below 0.3% total cannabinoid content contain Contains absolutely no THC, but does other cannabinoids as well as CBD


Contains all cannabinoids including THC, below 0.3% total cannabinoid content contain Contains absolutely no THC, but does other cannabinoids as well as CBD



Contains only CBD, no other cannabinoids at all


CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, which is the major non-psychoactive cannabinoid derived from the hemp plant. CBD has many holistic benefits that have been reported in a variety of clinical studies and continues to amaze as we discover more.







How long does it take to see results from using CBD oil tinctures? Each person’s body is different and will therefore respond differently to any substance. With natural products like CBD oil tinctures, the results may vary from person to person. In our opinion, it is best to use the CBD oil tincture for 30 days. Keep a record of how things go to observe if there is any noticeable difference.
What is the ideal way to administer CBD oil tinctures? Using CBD oil tinctures is quite easy. Shake the bottle well then unscrew it and fill the dropper with the desired serving. Then, place the CBD oil under your tongue. Do this in the morning or night daily for 30 days, assess your results and adjust accordingly.
What is the amount of THC used in Grassroots Harvest Oil Tinctures? At Grassroots Harvest Oil Tinctures, we sell  full spectrum CBD oils or CBD isolate/broad-spectrum products. Full-spectrum products contain less than 0.3% of THC while isolate/spectrum CBD oils contain no THC. Our products undergo rigorous testing at ISO certified third-party labs.
Is a prescription required for CBD oil tinctures? Prescriptions are not required for CBD oil tinctures because of the low THC levels (0.3% or less).
Is CBD like hemp oil? Is there any difference?  CBD refers to a special compound derived from hemp and marijuana plants. CBD and hemp oil are quite similar in their chemical makeup. The terms CBD Oil and Hemp Oil Extract are interchangeable, while the term Hemp Oil on its own might refer to cooking oil made from hemp. Both CBD oil and Hemp Oil Extract refer to full spectrum or CBD isolate/broad-spectrum oils.
What is the recommended dosage of CBD oil tincture?  The recommended dose of CBD oil can vary from person to person. It is important to start with a small dosage and document any results or changes. We recommend that you take one or two servings daily for up to 30 days to see any noticeable changes. An average starting dose might be from 5mg-25mg of CBD, depending on many factors like weight/size and desired outcomes. Based on the data recorded, you can adjust your dosage levels of CBD oil tincture.


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