Lucy Jane- HHC Vape Cartridges (1ml)


These Vape Cartridges hold 1ml each of vapable HHC!

Available in 5 flavor options, made with natural terpenes + powerful HHC:

Blueberry Afgoo

Rainbow Unicorn

Skywalker OG

Gorilla Glue #4

Durban Poison

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HHC Vape Cartridge Flavor Options:

BLUEBERRY AFGOO: This favorite terpene strain comes back in cartridge form! Calming, delicious, and sweet. Blueberry Afgoo is a great combo of berry flavor & skunky goodness.

RAINBOW UNICORN: All the pastel goodness you could want! A fruity sherbet flavor that’ll leave you feeling smooth, tranquil effects. Great flavor, great sensation- Rainbow Unicorn HHC is an easy choice.

SKYWALKER OG: A terpene blend from a very popular strain that is great for ultra-relaxing effects. Become one with your couch with this cartridge. Tranquility follows any who picks this cartridge.

DURBAN POISON: This terpene blend comes from a sativa strain of cannabis, making it an uplifting and inspiring option. Plus, deep, rich earthy flavors make this terpene blend a delicious option.

GORILLA GLUE #4: This classic terpene blend comes to life in this cartridge by providing noticeable euphoria & relaxation, leaving you glued in your place. Some diesel flavor notes + earthy blend.

Premium HHC Vape Cartridges from GRH Kratom. Made with organic terpene blends to replicate the effects of different cannabis strains. Terpenes are the flavor & scent chemicals found in cannabis and other botanicals, in cannabis they provide different strains with their purported effects.

How to Use HHC Cartridges

Attach your HHC Cartridge to a 510 thread battery in order to use it. You can find a battery that fits here. Inhale through the cartridge with the battery on to produce vapor.

What is HHC?

Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is an extract from the pollen and the seeds of the hemp or marijuana plant. HHC exist naturally in these plants, however in very low quantities. This means it has to be synthesized in a lab in order to create usable quantities. This is the same process for making products with other lesser cannabinoids like CBN and CBC.

HHC products have 80-90% potency of Delta-9 THC. That means HHC effects are nearly indistinguishable from Delta-9 THC, while being federally legal. We have Third-Party lab testing that demonstrates two kinds of HHC inside (9R and 9S HHC). If you purchase HHC, please make sure the company you purchase from is able to provide this information, many cannot.

Read more about HHC in our blog, here!


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