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NEW in the Lucy Jane line of products- HHC Gummies! 20mg HHC per gummy.

These gummies contain premium HHC extract, which is federally legal, for a cannabinoid experience you’ll love! 5 delicious flavor options, which one will you choose?

Blackberry Lemonade

Blue Raspberry

Green Apple

Strawberry Watermelon


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Our products, including gummies, ship from our lab in Austin, TX. In summer months, gummies may melt during the shipping process. We include ice packs with items that may melt, however these may not stay frozen throughout shipping. Gummies might arrive somewhat stuck together, however this does not impact how effective they are. Place gummies in the fridge for a few hours or overnight, and you should be able to separate the gummies from one another.

HHC Gummy Flavor Options:

Green Apple- That sour candy classic, now infused with HHC! Tart and sweet, this option will leave you puckering your lips and wanting more.

Strawberry Watermelon- Fresh, ripe strawberry flavor combines with juicy watermelon! A great summer-themed flavor, expect sweet berry & melon notes.

Blackberry Lemonade- The flavor of homemade lemonade & freshly picked blackberries takes these gummies to another level.

Blue Raspberry- Just like frosty blended drinks, these blue raspberry gummies with HHC are full of bright and sweet flavor! Quintessential blue candy taste.

Peach- This unexpected HHC Gummy flavor is a real treat! With a truly delicious taste of peach nectar, give these a try (and try not to eat too many!).

Note: Due to the nature of these HHC Gummies, there might be a slight herbal flavor due to cannabinoid content.

What is HHC?

Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is an extract from the pollen and the seeds of the hemp or marijuana plant. HHC exist naturally in these plants, however in very low quantities. This means it has to be synthesized in a lab in order to create usable quantities. This is the same process for making products with other lesser cannabinoids like CBN and CBC.

HHC products have 80-90% potency of Delta-9 THC. That means HHC effects are nearly indistinguishable from Delta-9 THC, while being federally legal. We have Third-Party lab testing that demonstrates two kinds of HHC inside (9R and 9S HHC). If you purchase HHC, please make sure the company you purchase from is able to provide this information, many cannot.

How to Use HHC Gummies

20mg of HHC per gummy- for most, that is a complete dose. Some people prefer to use half a gummy at a time.

If you’ve never tried HHC before, it’s always best to start slow and work up from there to avoid any adverse reactions! Remember, different people react to cannabinoids differently. Start with half a gummy. If desired effects aren’t felt in 45 minutes-1.5 hrs, try another 1/4 to 1/2 gummy.

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