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New Studies Show Potential Benefits of Cannabis- Research Roundup

It was not so long ago when governments around the world labelled the cannabis plant as illegal. In the United States, the government scheduled it as a classified drug. However, in recent times scientists have continued to do research into the plant material. In doing so, they end up unearthing tremendous amounts of value from it. Let’s learn about some new studies that have come out on the potential benefits of cannabis.

Examples of Cannabis Benefits

For example, according to a study published in the journal “Pain Physician”, the use of cannabis products could be linked to a reduction in the level of a patient with discomfort’s opioid intake. A team of researchers affiliated with the institute of pain management in Pennsylvania assessed general opioid use trend among a sample size of 115 chronic pain patients who had initiated medical cannabis therapy. Patients within the study suffered from severe discomfort and had been using opioids for more than 6 months. Most of the participants were also between the ages of 50 – 70 years. 

These findings are also consistent with other studies that reported a reduction in the daily morphine milligram equivalents of their patients after beginning cannabis therapy. According to the scientists who conducted the study – ““There was a 67.1 percent average decrease in daily MME/patient from 49.9 to 16.4 MME at the first follow-up,” they said. “There was a 73.3 percent decrease in MME at the second follow-up from 49.9 to 13.3 MME.”

They finished by adding – “The current study’s approach has led to a significant decrement in chronic opioid use for the majority of patients with chronic pain deciding to trial medical cannabis in our clinical setting. … Therefore, we present medical cannabis as an alternative, potentially effective, class of treatment.”

More Potential Evidence

In addition to this, new research also seems to indicate that patients who are dealing with back problems could reduce their use of prescription opioids and enjoy improvements in their conditions thanks to the introduction of medical cannabis treatments. This is according to longitudinal data released in the journal Cureus.

Researchers affiliated with the Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia evaluated opioid consumption patterns among a sample size of 186 patients who were dealing with back discomfort during the six months immediately prior to and immediately after their enrollment in the state’s medical cannabis access program. 

Like the prior study, the results from this study was also consistent with prior studies. Members of the study reduced their daily intake of opioids over the course of the trial. Over one third of patients who had been taking low doses of opioids at the onset completely eliminated their opioid use by the end of the trial. Members of the trail’s opioid reductions held association with improvements in pain scores and in patients’ daily functions. 

To wrap up the study, the authors concluded – “Patients with chronic musculoskeletal noncancer back pain who were certified for MC [medical cannabis] … filled a significantly reduced number of opioid prescriptions post-MC compared to pre-MC. Upon MC certification, patients with lower levels of baseline opioid use have a high chance of stopping opioid use altogether. Patients show improved pain scores and daily function scores following MC certification. … Our study supports evidence that short-term opioid usage is diminished and potentially stopped within six months of MC certification.”

Final Thoughts

We’re hopeful to hear of so much new research coming out on cannabis. We aren’t medical professionals nor do we make claims about our products & these studies. It’s so important for cannabis research to continue. That way, we can know more ways to help as many people as possible.

We hope you learned about the new studies coming out on the potential benefits of cannabis! Grassroots Harvest products are not intended to cure, prevent, treat, or otherwise be connected to any medical condition. The FDA has not approved these products. Consult your doctor if you have further questions.

Grassroots Harvest products always undergo third-party lab testing to ensure purity, safety, and quality.

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