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How Products W/ Delta-9 THC Are For Sale In Texas (Sometimes)

For most people, when THC is mentioned, the first thing that crosses the mind is Delta-9 THC. It’s the most popular cannabinoid (active parts within cannabis plants). Cannabis plants refers to marijuana and hemp. This simple distinction is very important as it forms the foundation for all we will be discussing within this article. We’re going to go over how Delta-9 THC is sometimes available for sale in Texas.

Where to Buy Delta 9 in Texas? Right Here!

In 2018, the federal government passed the Farm Bill and it redefined the legal classification of cannabis. Thanks to this new law, modern hemp and hemp derived items would be legitimate if and only if such products contained a THC measure of 0.3% or less on a dry weight basis. Once a product met this requirement, users would be free to buy, use and distribute freely without any legal repercussions.

Texas also allows for the sale of hemp products, so long as they are below the legal threshold mentioned above. That is how some products that contain levels of Delta-9 THC are for sale in Texas.

Exploring Delta-9’s Presence in Hemp

It is important to note that the 0.3% D9 THC allowable in hemp is not an amount, but a proportion. For example, consider a dry hemp flower that weighs 1 gram. The level of THC within that particular dry hemp flower is expected to be 0.3% of its weight. And in this case, 0.3% of 1 gram comes to 0.003 grams or 3 milligrams. For 2 grams of dried hemp, you can have 6mg of Delta-9 THC and so on. Some manufacturers don’t allow their products to reach this threshold, coming in at 0.2% – 0.25% the weight of the dry hemp flower.

Let’s contrast this amount against marijuana. The average THC-laden strain of marijuana comes in at 18 – 20% on a dry weight basis. An accepted average is usually 19%. Bearing this in mind, 1 gram of marijuana would have 0.19 grams of Delta-9 THC. This means it would theoretically take at least 2 ounces of dry hemp at the highest possible Delta-9 levels to match the Delta-9 content of a gram of marijuana with a 19% concentration. 

Growing Hemp Within Legal Limits in Texas

Next, we would be considering an entire hemp plant. There’s a 2018 study by the University of Vermont on how plant spacing + environmental factors affected hemp growth for CBD production. This study revealed that hemp plants grown within 5ft x 5ft spacing grew around 3ft tall and weighed about 9 pounds. This might sound heavy, but it is important to realize that most of a plant’s weight is water.

Based on that information, the average marketable dry flower yield comes to about 1.30 pounds. Dry flower yield refers to the weight of the hemp flower without water weight.

For the sake of this example, we would be assuming that each dry flower yield contained the maximum legal limit for the Delta-9 THC. This brings the total amount of legally allowed Delta-9 THC to 1770mg. Although this might seem like a lot, it still fits within the 0.3% dry weight concentration. Also bear in mind, this is a rough estimate for the potential maximum amount of Delta-9 THC.

Understanding D9’s Extraction from Hemp

Extracting D9 from Hemp is not as straightforward as most manufacturers would like. There are multiple regulations and procedures pertaining to hemp products and cannabinoids extracted from hemp. For the sake of this article, we will be focusing on regulations and procedures affecting the state of Texas. 

Within  Sec. 443.151 of the Texas Health and Safety Code contains outlines for the testing requirements for hemp and hemp-derived products throughout the manufacturing process. Subsection B states:

Before a hemp plant is processed or otherwise used in the manufacture of a consumable hemp product, a sample representing the plant must be tested as required by the executive commissioner to determine:

  1. the concentration of various cannabinoids; and
  2. the presence or quantity of heavy metals, pesticides, and any other substance prescribed by the department.

What this means Is before any hemp plant can go into any product, it needs to undergo testing. There is testing for the concentration of cannabinoids present as well as other harmful contaminants. The plant matter undergoes testing for the D9 THC concentration to ascertain its status as hemp. Once the test is passed, it can be processed. 

Subsection C states:

Before material extracted from hemp by processing is sold as, offered for sale as, or incorporated into a consumable hemp product, the material must be tested, as required by the executive commissioner, to determine:

  1. the presence of harmful microorganisms; and
  2. the presence of quantity of:
    1. any residual solvents used in processing, if applicable; and
    2. any other substance prescribed by the department.

This simply means that all extracts meant for consumable hemp products must undergo testing for contaminants. 

Moving on to subsection D:

Except as otherwise provided by Subsection (e), before a consumable hemp product is sold at retail or otherwise introduced into commerce in this state, a sample representing the hemp product must be tested:

  1. by a laboratory that is accredited by an an accreditation body in accordance with International Organization for Standardization ISO/IEC 17025 or comparable or successor standard to determine the delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration of the product; and
  2. by an appropriate laboratory to determine that the product does not contain a substance described by Subsection (b) or (c) in a quantity prohibited for purposes of those sections.

This simply means all hemp products must go through testing for their D9 THC concentration and contaminants as aforementioned earlier. Furthermore, all testing must go through an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) accredited laboratory. 

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Purchasing Delta-9 Online Legally, Even in Texas

For most D9 users, the question is often “can I buy D9 online? Is it legal?” The answer to both questions is yes and odds are you have already bought D9 online already. For anyone who has bought a full spectrum CBD product or a CBD flower from a website, you have already bought D9 online!

Full spectrum CBD, CBD flower and Select Spectrum gummies tend to contain cannabidiol, D9 THC and other excellent cannabinoids. It is essential to remember that D9 is not illegal in every situation. As long as the D9 is from hemp within the required limit of 0.33% of the product’s dry weight, it is federally legal and legal in the great state of Texas.

We hope that the above information makes it easier to understand how it is that products with Delta-9 THC exist for sale in Texas!

Delta 9 THC For Sale in Texas?

It’s true! And you can buy it from us. 

As a company, we are always looking for ways to improve and simplify the processes our customers have to go through. And we have achieved this by remaining committed to innovating newer ways to ensure maximum efficiency for you. A recent example of this is the new merchant payment system, to provide more than one way of paying for your favorite supplement. To learn more about D9 THC and other cannabinoids, feel free to check out our blog here and visit our Cannabinoid store here to begin your journey.

Where to buy Delta 9 in Texas? Right here!


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