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Holiday Gift Guide: 12 Days Of CBD Deals

Shop holiday deals and save 20% off a new product every day during 12 Days of Deals!

Read more about all of our featured products below and stay tuned for these upcoming deals…

Sweet Dreams roll-on ($20.00)- 

Sweet Dreams Roll-On CBD is a soothing stick of CBD designed to calm your mind! 

Simply roll this blend of CBD, organic Blue Dream terpenes and Lavender essential oils onto your temples or inner wrists for times of stress or when trying to fall asleep, and let the relaxing aromatherapy + CBD combo chill you out. This roll-on method makes it easy to use as little or as much CBD as you’d like. Plus, the roll-on top means it won’t spill, even in a purse, glove box, or pocket.  

With 100mg of CBD per Roll-On, each swipe of Sweet Dreams packs a big punch! 

Soothe CBD Honey ($30.00/2oz $50.00/4oz)- 

Sooth hemp oil extract honey 2 oz jar.

Soothe CBD Honey is filled with goodness! Soothe is made with Central Texas Wildflower honey and, as always, our all-natural, hemp-derived CBD. Soothe CBD Honey is flavored with all-natural terpenes, organic compounds found in some plants that are responsible for flavor and scent. Terpenes are known for producing different effects, and we’ve used the terpene myrcene to create Soothe! Why? Myrcene is known for its calming, relaxing capabilities. Thanks to the myrcene terpenes in our Soothe CBD Honey, there’s a whole lot of chill to be found here- get cozy, have a cup of tea with our Soothe CBD Honey, and experience a whole new level of calm. Available in two sizes.

1500mg tincture ($95.00)-

We’ve designed our CBD oil to be as beneficial and effective as possible- and this one’s extra strong! Our 1500mg CBD oil is as powerful as it is natural.  We use Full Spectrum CBD extract in our 1500mg CBD oil. Why? Full Spectrum CBD utilizes all of the non-psychoactive compounds found in hemp, not just CBD, in order to maximize the ‘entourage effect’- the theory that the combined benefits of hemp compounds are stronger than when they’re taken separately. There are only two ingredients in our 1500mg CBD oil, Full Spectrum CBD and organic virgin hemp oil, for a final product that’s purely & naturally made. 

Pumpkin Spice ($70.00)- 

Pumpkin Spice flavored CBD oil extract.

Tired of the classic herbal CBD taste? This Pumpkin Spice CBD is more than just delicious. With 750mg of hemp-derived CBD per bottle, our Pumpkin Spice Sweetened CBD Spray is as strong as it is tasty. Our easy pump system holds 5mg of CBD per spray, so you can decide just how much CBD you want at a time- no matter how little or how much that may be. 

And the best part? Our Sweetened CBD line is crafted with all-natural flavors and sweetened with Stevia, so these simple little bottles are totally guilt-free. Get Fall’s favorite flavor, now full of CBD!

CBD Mint Salve

A salve for what ails you. CBD Mint Salve is a cooling, relieving balm that’s ready to tackle everyday aches and pains, workout injuries, and more. With 200mg of CBD in this Mint Salve, a little bit goes a long way! We’ve combined the benefits of CBD with menthol, organic peppermint essential oil, and mint terpenes to create a powerful salve that’ll chill pain to its core. Apply a small amount of salve to an area of discomfort for quick relief, apply to areas of cracked or dry skin to moisturize and heal, or use a small amount on a congested chest for a CBD menthol kick! Whatever you need, CBD Mint Salve is here to help. 

Recover Serum ($50.00)-

Topical CBD hemp oil extract 500mg.

Your body does wonders for you, now you can do wonders for your body with Recover CBD Serum. Add a layer of relief on-the-go or make your self-care routine that much more soothing with this CBD-packed serum that holds 500mg CBD per bottle. Plus, with essential oils like sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, lavender oil, and tea tree oil, there’s a whole plant-powerhouse in these bottles formulated for all-natural wellness. When it comes to topical anti-inflammatory, Recover CBD Serum is king. 

Jamaican Skunk CBD Cartridge ($25.00)-

CBD eliquid in Jamaican Skunk.

Vaping CBD is one of the fastest ways to get CBD working in the body. When taking a CBD edible, CBD must make its way through the digestive system before it can start working in the body. Vaping CBD allows it to become active almost immediately as it enters the bloodstream through the lungs. Grassroots Harvest CBD Cartridges are made with purity as the top priority. We never use fillers or additives in our products, so the issues that have arisen with vape products that contain Vitamin E acetate do not apply to our cartridges. 

Jamaican Skunk CBD Cartridge is made using a Jamaican Skunk terpene profile, giving these cartridges a delicious and authentic taste. 

CBD Gummies ($20.00)- 

CBD edible gummies bundle

The sweetest CBD treat! Our CBD Gummies have 15mg CBD each, and with 10 in a pack, you get a whopping total of 150mg CBD! CBD Gummies make it easy to get a dose of CBD anywhere and are one of the most popular ways to take CBD. We offer 4 varieties of CBD Gummies for all kinds of candy lovers! Choose from:

  • Neon Bears- Traditional gummy bears amped up a notch! These lil guys are dusted in sugar for an oh-so-sweet snack. 
  • Sour Worms- Another classic gummy, now with CBD! Perfect for fans of sour candy.
  • Peach Rings- These sweet rings will leave you feeling just peachy!
  • Watermelon Slices- Juicy watermelon and CBD combine for a fruity treat!

CBD Capsules ($45.00/375mg $80/750mg)- 

CBD hemp oil in the 375mg bottle size.

CBD Capsules are perhaps the most portable CBD option. Capsules make taking CBD on-the-go super easy since there’s no pipet of oil that might get dropped or spilled. Plus, CBD Capsules have the same dose of CBD each and every time, so you know you’re always getting the right amount! That makes dosing CBD on-the-go way easier, too. Each capsule holds 25mg of CBD, so each of these caps makes for a hefty dose! CBD Capsules can be kept in a purse, glove box, desk, fanny pack, or anywhere really, without fear of messy, expensive spills. 

CBD Pet Oil ($70.00)

CBD hemp oil extract for pets in 30ml size bottle.

Give your furry friend the gift of CBD! We created a CBD Oil made specifically for pets. 

Our all-natural CBD Pet Oil is a hearty combination of 300mg high-quality Full Spectrum CBD and salmon oil for a flavor any pet would love! While the flavor of CBD on its own may make pets wary, using salmon oil masks the herbal taste of CBD and leaves pets wanting to lap up more! 

CBD Lotion ($45.00)

CBD hand and body lotion.

We’ve created a lotion that’s full of hemp oil & other beneficial components, for a topical hand and body cream designed to improve relief and relaxation. There’s 400mg of hemp oil extract in each bottle of lotion, so each dollop is packed with wellness. Massage lotion into points of pain, and feel the difference in minutes. Our new bottle design lets you get as much or as little lotion as you need, every time. Apply to affected areas, and notice relief as it absorbs easily into the skin. Our lotion formula is designed for maximum bioavailability, and our GRH lotion base allows for increased absorption rates. That means you feel as much relief as possible, as fast as possible. 

Strawberry ($70.00)-

Get all the benefits of CBD without the herbal taste! New Strawberry CBD Spray is naturally delicious and sweet, for a juicy treat that treats you right! Ripe with 750mg of CBD per bottle, this Strawberry CBD Spray is full of sweet, sweet relief. 

Our CBD Sprays come with a pump top that opens and closes so it won’t spill, and each pump holds 5mg of CBD so you can get your perfect dose each time, no matter how much (or how little!) you may want.

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