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What’s The Difference Between Isolate and Full-Spectrum?

CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD are the two main kinds of CBD extract manufactured. But what is the difference between full-spectrum and isolate CBD?

CBD Isolate is an extraction of pure CBD with absolutely no other cannabinoids included. 

In case you didn’t know, there are hundreds of cannabinoids present in hemp, not just THC and CBD. Other minor compounds like CBG, CBC, and more are also present in cannabis plants.

Like we said, there are hundreds of cannabinoids present in hemp, not just THC and CBD. CBD Isolate is produced through a more extensive extraction process, which removes all cannabinoids except for CBD, leaving those CBD molecules isolated- hence, CBD Isolate. 

Full-Spectrum CBD is an extraction of multiple non-psychoactive cannabinoids. 

That means, instead of extracting solely CBD, Full-Spectrum extract will contain CBD, CBC, CBDA, and more cannabinoids that don’t cause a high. Terpenes and flavonoids, the flavor-producing compounds in cannabis plants, can also be found in full-spectrum extract, which means they might have a bit of an herbal taste to them. Full-Spectrum CBD may contain trace amounts of THC, but in order to be compliant with federal law, the maximum amount of THC allowed in a CBD product is .3%. 

Why would you want Full-Spectrum? 

Answer: The Entourage Effect

Full-Spectrum CBD is the most potent and nutrient-dense version of CBD, but there’s another reason some prefer it to CBD Isolate- here’s why.

There’s a theory called ‘The Entourage Effect’ that essentially states cannabinoids are more effective when they’re taken together.  According to the ‘Entourage Effect’, the more cannabinoids you use together, the more beneficial it will be. That’s the goal of Full-Spectrum CBD- rather than separate CBD completely, Full-Spectrum allows this ‘Entourage Effect’ to happen, while still producing a product that’s below .3% THC. 

Why would you want CBD Isolate?

Answer: Absolutely No THC.
CBD Isolate is a completely pure extraction of solely CBD- there’s nothing else in there at all. CBD Isolate does not have a flavor, so these products should be flavorless unless a flavor has been purposefully added. If drug testing is a concern, CBD Isolate products are a safer bet, as there’s no THC whatsoever. Full-Spectrum products tend to have extremely low levels of THC content (under the legal limit of .3% THC), which means it is possible, though unlikely, that it could cause a false positive on a THC test.