What Are CBD Edibles?

A CBD edible, aka CBD-infused food, is any food or beverage product that contains CBD. CBD edibles have become increasingly popular, with some of the most common varieties being CBD gummies, CBD soda, and CBD chocolates, among many others. For people who don’t want to inhale CBD, edibles are an excellent option. 

In fact, there may be a benefit to having a CBD edible instead of puffing on a CBD cartridge- the effects tend to last longer. Because an edible has to be digested in order for CBD to enter the bloodstream, it usually takes a bit longer for edibles to kick in than other methods- but once they do, they usually last quite a bit longer as well. You can expect it to take roughly an hour for the edible to take effect, and from there, the effects may last around 6-8 hours. Because CBD is non-psychoactive, the effects may not be wildly noticeable- it definitely won’t make you high- but that doesn’t mean it’s not working. Most often, people notice an increased sense of calm and serenity after using CBD, but the effects vary from person to person. 

What are CBD gummies used for?

CBD gummies, and all CBD edibles, can be used for all the same reasons you might use other forms of CBD. A few of the most frequent reasons people use CBD are for pain relief, stress relief, and improved sleep, among others. Like we said above, CBD edibles tend to have longer lasting effects than other methods, so for those looking for a long-lasting dose, CBD gummies are a popular choice. 

Is CBD in food legal?

There’s a lot of confusion in the CBD world about the legality of CBD edibles. The FDA held its first hearing on the subject of cannabis and cannabis compounds as food additives on Friday, May 31st. The point of the hearing was to collect testimonials from both sides, so the FDA can begin to answer the critical question: is CBD in food legal? 

So far, the FDA has not set forth regulations of any kind for CBD-infused foods, which means they exist in a bit of gray area. Until the FDA releases the final word on the legality of CBD edibles, the answer to the above question is: We’re not sure. 

CBD edibles are wildly popular, and eateries across the country are rolling out CBD-infused items to capitalize on their rapidly rising popularity. But in three states (Maine, Ohio, & New York), the sale of CBD edibles has been banned completely. In those states, restaurants and eateries have been warned to remove CBD edibles from shelves & menus, or else face the potential consequences. 

For eateries operating outside those three states, the sale of CBD-infused food can go on- tentatively. The FDA simply doesn’t have the manpower necessary to halt the sale of CBD edibles throughout the US, and it’s unlikely that local law enforcement would become involved without a clearly illegal status (unless you’re living in a locale where CBD edibles have been banned). Until they officially state the legality of CBD edibles, those sales will continue in the gray area they’ve existed in this whole time.